The best supermarket Christmas pudding for 2019 has been revealed

If you’ve seen the John Lewis Christmas advert 2019, there’s no doubt that the humble Christmas pudding will be on your mind. And the good news is that the Which? Best Buy 2019 awards have just revealed the best option for this year’s Christmas dinner, so you’ll know exactly which one to buy.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite Vintage Pudding has been awarded a Which? Best Buy, beating the likes of Marks & Spencer and Waitrose to the coveted top spot. The deluxe pudding deserves a nod purely just for the dedication that’s put into making it; with a maturing time of over six months, this one takes some valuable time to perfect.

best supermarket Christmas pudding

The vintage recipe is handcrafted using fresh butter, juicy Californian raisins, sweet Turkish sultanas and plump Vostizza currants. The judges were clearly impressed with its unbeatable flavour, noting: ‘our panel loved that Aldi’s premium, zesty pud was packed with rich fruit and nuts with an orangey kick.’

Perhaps most pleasingly, the decadent pudding will only set you back £12.99, and will be available in store really soon, on 5th December.

However, if Christmas pudding isn’t really your thing, Aldi are also offering other pudding options this year that are sure to catch your attention. The Specially Selected Golden Twist Sticky Toffee Pudding is the ultimate pick for fans of the delicious sweet pub classic dessert, while their Specially Selected Chocolate Bombes sound just as irresistible, coming in three flavours: chocolate, chocolate and salted caramel, and hot buttered rum.

To finish up the selection, Aldi is also offering a Specially Selected Golden Topped Christmas Wreath Pudding (which is the ultimate showstopper piece for your Christmas lunch table), and the Specially Selected Mulled Morello Cherry Pudding, perfect for fruity fans.

We all know pudding is the most important element to any meal (especially for fellow sweet tooths) – this year, it looks like Aldi should be our first stop.