The sleeping position that’s best for your skin

It’s no secret that the amount of sleep we get plays a major part in not only our overall wellbeing but our skin – more specifically our natural glow.

While we can buy all the beauty products in the world, there is no remedy quite as strong as a good night’s kip, hence the importance of the  term ‘beauty sleep.’ But have you ever considered how much of an impact your sleeping position could have on your skin? We hadn’t either – until now.

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According to the bedding experts at Casper, the way we sleep could be doing major damage to the skin on our faces – regardless of whether you like sleeping on your stomach or on your side.

What you should be doing to avoid this is sleeping on your back, as this helps to reduce puffiness and minimise the chances of fine lines developing – advice that stars including Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Lopez are said to follow.

However, research by the bedding company has found that only 14% of people actually sleep on their backs. And the few who do are likely to move around throughout the night instead of staying in the position. So, how can we prevent this?

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Well, the experts at Casper believe that the answer to that is to find a pillow specifically designed for laid-back sleeping, which has a balance of softness and support – and apparently, they have have just the thing.

‘Our pillows have an inner pillow filled with a billion coated fibres that creates an adaptive liquid-like feel and responds to your movements through the night,’ says Constantin Eis, co-founder and global MD for Casper.

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‘They also regulate your body temperature, meaning you’re always sleeping on the cool side of the pillow, ensuring you always wake up feeling well rested and fresh faced.’

We’ve never rested our heads on a cloud before, but this sounds pretty close to what we imagine it to be like. Click here to get your hands on one.