Mask-related skin problems? PPE wearers swear by this high street product

While Covid restrictions may be lifting, plenty of us are still wearing masks on a daily basis, whether it’s to the local supermarket or on a busy train to work. And, while masks help to stop the spread of illness, they’re certainly not benefiting our skin – as anyone who has been left with irritation or the dreaded ‘maskne’ will be able to tell you.

If mask-wearing is playing havoc with your complexion, then perhaps the best people to turn to for recommendations are those wearing full-on protective equipment for long periods of time. We’re talking the PPE-wearers, such a doctors, nurses and dentists, who have learnt to deal with working while constantly covered up, as well as the skin irritation this can cause.

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Well, one product they love is Liz Earle CICA Restore Skin Paste, which costs £29. ‘We have had so much feedback about CICA paste improving and calming maskne symptoms ‘ says Sarah Carr, a facialist and Liz Earle ambassador. ‘The majority of the messages are from people wearing PPE for long periods of time and had increased sensitivity, breakouts and irritated skin.’

liz Earle cica

Liz Earle CICA Restore Skin Paste, £29, John Lewis

If the product is helping those who wear PPE day-in day-out to improve their skin, we reckon it might help for our occasional mask-wearing – but how does it work?

‘Perfect for dry skin that’s prone to redness, this gentle yet powerful blend works alongside the body’s natural night-time rejuvenation processes to boost skin’s moisture barrier for a visibly restored complexion’ says Sarah.

liz Earle cica

CICA Restore Skin Paste has non-oily yet super hydrating formula, which will visibly improve the appearance of imperfections overnight. It contains Centella asiatica (CICA) – an ancient herb renowned for its restorative properties, plus hydrating resurrection plant, bilberry and wild plum to calm, soothe and comfort.

‘The other product that customers loved to use alongside CICA was the Instant Boost Skin Tonic – we recommend you wipe under the mask if wearing for long commutes or at break time if in PPE all day’ says Sarah. ‘Then apply CICA when needed, mainly as overnight treatment.’