The best running trainers for all your lockdown strolls, jogs and sprints

With many of us wrapping up and heading outside for a walk or even taking up running to help keep healthy – both physically and mentally – in lockdown, lacing up the right pair of shoes is vitally important.

In fact, searches for running trainers are up a huge 163%, so it’s clear more of us than ever are thinking about our footwear. And finding the right pair of running shoes for you is a key step in keeping your feet supported and preventing injury.

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The first thing is know your gait – usually you can get a gait analysis in store, but as that’s not possible at the moment, try a YouTube guide or the ASICS shoe finder. This will tell you your pronation type – the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing when you run. You can be either an overpronator, an underpronator or a neutral runner.

Another factor to consider is the type of surface you run on – if you run on predominantly hard surfaces (roads, treadmills), you’ll want a more cushioned running shoe; if you’re on trail or dirt paths, look for footwear with good traction and protection in slippery, wet conditions.

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All this means that there’s no ‘perfect’ running trainers; only the pair most suited to you. So below is our edit of the best running trainers from just some of the top activewear brands to cater to a variety of different requirements – just make sure you read the product description carefully to determine if it’s the right shoe for you. Happy jogging!