These are the best (and worst) size-inclusive retailers for women’s clothing

It’s hard to believe that retailers still can’t seem to get women’s clothing sizes right. How many times have you been one size in one shop and a size twice as large in another? Too many, probably. Fast fashion has created an unhelpful ‘one size fits all’ attitude – news flash, women’s bodies aren’t all the same! Those particularly neglected by fashion retailers are women who require a larger size or are plus-size.

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The average UK woman’s clothing size is a 16, but we all know how our size can fluctuate depending on factors like brand, style and desired fit. Well, the fashion experts at WeThrift have developed the Inclusive Index to help break down where you’re most likely to find the right size for you.

The WeThrift team analysed over 100 of the most popular fast-fashion, mid-price and premium stores available in the UK, to reveal which retailers have the most inclusive plus-size clothing…

The most inclusive retailers for plus-size clothing

It might surprise you to learn that online bargain brand Shein had the most plus-size items available, taking the top spot as most inclusive retailer in the UK. Shein has an impressive 88,850 plus-size options, with sizes ranging from UK 6-26.

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Online retailer SilkFred came in second place with 15,900 plus-size options available across their 800 independent retailers. Former high street hero (but still available online) Debenhams followed behind in third place, with 14,762 options available. In fact, Debenhams really excelled with its clothing range starting from a UK 4 and going up to a size 40.

Other high street staple stores like Next and John Lewis also made the top 15 list.

The least inclusive retailers

Shopping can feel like a real chore when you’re on the hunt for inclusive sizing options. It turns out retailers Pull & Bear and All Saints don’t even sell plus-size clothing! This shocking insight makes them both the least inclusive retailers in the UK, with their biggest size stretching only to a UK 14.

Skater style brand Vans only had one plus-size option stocked on its official website, that starts from a UK 6 and goes to a 16.

inclusive sizes chart

When it comes to supermarket clothing ranges, George at Asda was deemed the best with 2,445 plus size options available over a size 16. Sainsbury’s came in second place with ​​1,837 items. Morrisons and Tesco came in third and fourth place, with significantly fewer items.

WeThrift went a step further by comparing a standard UK size 16 across all of the retailers they analysed. They found that between the smallest and largest measurements, bust measurements differed by 9.7cm, waist measurements by 12.5cm, and hip measurements by 13cm.

inclusive sizes chart

The most consistent brand for the smallest measurements was Urban Outfitters. What’s even more shocking is that the measurements for a UK 16 at Urban Outfitters are smaller than a size 14 in retailers like New Look, ASOS and Missguided.

Now you know which retailers to head to first!