This Birmingham restaurant has been voted the best in the UK

The are endless bars and restaurants across the UK, from small and local family-run businesses, to glamourous Michelin star offerings. Whatever you prefer, one thing is for sure, you’ll never run out of dining options.  But have you ever wondered where exactly the best restaurant in the UK is?


Well, according to TripAdvisor, Britain’s top eatery is Adam’s in Birmingham. The upmarket restaurant, which specializes in British cuisine was voted as number one at the 2019 Travellers’ Choice Awards for Restaurants and even made it into the top ten for the best restaurants in the world.

The travel website combined the winners by a compiling a list by using an algorithm which took into account the quantity and quality of reviews around the world over a 12-month period. Their results showed that TRB Hutong, in China’s capital Beijing, is the best fine dining restaurant in the world, while Adam’s came in as the tenth best in the world and the top choice for fine dining the UK.


This isn’t the first time the Michelin star restaurant has been featured on the list. Last year, it came in at number two in the UK, right behind Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham and it has been included four other times too.

Commenting on his achievement, Adam Stokes, owner of Adam’s said: ‘We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded number one in the UK and 10th in the world in the Travellers’ Choice Awards for Fine Dining Restaurants. This is our sixth proud year of being included in these customer focused awards and it is a huge achievement. I am immensely proud of our whole team AKA the ‘Adam’s family’.

He added: ‘With special credit to our Service Manager Shaun who has been with Adam’s since day one and really embodies all that the “Adam’s family” is about. Thank you also to all our guests, old and new and those regulars we see time and time again.’