Charlotte Kristensen’s crowd-pleasing picnic wines

These wines are all vibrant and refreshing and perfect for a picnic. Canned wines are ideal for those on the go, light Sicilian Frappato is a great option for a daytime red, while a Provence rosé or a vinho verde are both classic, fresh wines to enjoy over a sunny afternoon.

ldn spritzed

LDN Spritzed White Wine (5.5%), £3.95, Lightly spritzed English canned wine made by London’s first urban winery. Delicious notes of green apple and sweet jasmine flowers.


Loved & Found Frappato 2021 (13.5%), £7.99, Waitrose. Energising, light Sicilian red packed with flavours of cherries and Mediterranean herbs. Pair with burrata crostini and prosciutto.

Quinta do ermizio chin chin

Quinta do Ermizio Chin Chin Vinho Verde 2021 (11.5%), £11.95, Lively, with a cult following. I love the playful label, bright citrus flavours and gentle spritz on the finish.

cramele recas orange natural wine

Cramele Recas Orange Natural Wine 2021 (12.5%), £12.99, Romanian white fermented with grape skins, which give the distinctive colour. Apricot, ginger and fennel notes.

love by leoube

Love By Leoube Cotes de Provence Rosé 2021 (13%), £15, Tesco. Elegant, award-winning rosé with delicate flavours of wild strawberries and cantaloupe melon. Pair with oversized sunglasses.