As Prince Harry reveals he meditates daily, these are the best meditation apps to download

The Duke of Sussex recently opened up about burn out, self care, inner work and taking back control when it comes to one’s mental health. In a panel that addressed his mission with BetterUp, an organisation that provides mental health support and coaching, he was joined by Olympic gold medallist and 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams.

prince harry
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Prince Harry explained that when you feel like ‘everything else around you… is working against you,’ the only way to ‘build resilience for the outside world and your entire environment’ is by doing the ‘inner work’.

For the 37-year-old father of two, that involves taking 30-45 minutes every day to work on his ‘mental fitness’.

‘It’s either a workout, take the dog for a walk, get out in nature, maybe meditate,’ adding that, like Williams, he finds that he needs ‘to meditate every single day.’

Analysis of Google search data by Bed Kingdom found that online searches for ‘mental health support’ skyrocketed immediately following Prince Harry’s appearance at the virtual conference, with searches increasing by 132 per cent. Similarly, searches for ‘get therapy’ increased by 109 per cent.

Meditation might have the royal stamp of approval, but how easy is it to integrate into your already busy lifestyle? We’ve rounded up the best meditation apps to help introduce you to the mindful practice.

Best meditation apps



Download Headspace

With guided sessions and huge variety, Headspace has the monopoly on meditation for beginners. It’s easy to use, you can adjust how long each session is and you can track your progress.



Download Calm

Slow down and chill out with Calm’s dreamy soundscapes and time-adaptable meditation, which focus on things like gratitude, grief and confidence in straightforward, easy-to-adopt sessions that advance over time.

Insight Timer

Download Insight Timer

With thousands of expert-led meditations that draw on reiki, sound medicine, chanting, visualisation and movement, there’s enormous variety as well as live events you can join and guest leaders such as Gisele Bundchen and Lalah Delia.

Healthy Minds Program

healthy minds program

Download Healthy Minds Program

Awarenss, connection, insight and purpose: these are the four pillars upon which a healthy mind is built, and this program helps you develop your mindfulness, strengthen your presence and track your progress.



Download Aura

Aura taps into your current mood, helping you to address and unpick your current state of mind and suggesting stories, meditations and courses for you each day – making your journey into meditation that much more personal.

Anxiety Solution

anxiety solution app

Download Anxiety Solution

Created by Chloe Brotheridge, Anxiety Solution targets those that struggle with racing thoughts, difficulty making decisions and low-self esteem, providing healthy ways to stop anxiety holding you back.

Simple Habit

simple habit

Download Simple Habit

‘But I don’t have time for meditation!’ We hear you. Simple Habit breaks it down into easy, digestible five-minute chunks that you’ll be incorporating into your daily routine before you even realise you’re doing it.