50 per cent of women forget to apply SPF in this crucial place

We all know by now that applying SPF should be a part of our daily routine, whether we’re met with sunny rays or grey skies. And while many of us have finally got the hang of it there is one crucial area we tend to overlook when applying.

lip balms with SPF
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Recent research has pointed out that many of us never use SPF on our lips, despite the skin on the area being up to 82 per cent thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. In fact, only 1 in 2 women (52 per cent) think about applying SPF to their lips – and that’s not even to say they actually do it.

‘Some parts of the body are more prone to skin cancers, such as the lips – simply because the skin is thin and they get long term exposure to the sun, so it is important to apply an SPF to protect them from UV rays,’ says dermatologist Dr. Firas Al Niami, who is also Group Medical Director skincare clinic Sk:n.

‘The sun also completely dries your skin out, so moisturising after exposure will give your skin the hydration it needs to repair itself. As well as making sure your lips are protected, it’s also really important to use suncream on a daily basis, even when it’s cloud.’

The research was highlighted by a survey, conducted by EOS lip balm, which has products that include SPF 30. And they’re not the only brand to do so – there is a plethora of lip care available to help protect your lips from the damaging effects of the sun. Here are just a few of the best lip balms with SPF to choose from…

7 of the best lip balms with SPF:

Lip Balm SPF 50, £10.20 (was £12), Paula’s Choice

Broad-spectrum SPF 50 makes this the ultimate in hydration and protection.

Lip Protection SPF 30, £6, M&S

This celeb-favourite sunscreen also comes in a handy SPF 30 stick for lips.

Burt’s Bees All Weather Lip Balm, £4.99, Holland & Barrett

A fab SPF 15 allrounder, with a purse-friendly price tag to boot.

Lanolips Lip Ointment SPF30 in Rose, £8.99, Lookfantastic

Like a little hint of colour with your lip balm? Check out Lanolips’ formula.

Base Lip Solve Bullet, £7.50, Amazon

Shields from the sun and reduces the frequency of cold sores simultaneously.

Aesop Avail Lip Balm SPF 30, £13, Net-A-Porter

Love Aesop’s cult formulas? Add one of these to your holiday carry-on.

Coola Liplux SPF30 Original, £10.89, Amazon

Lightweight yet nourishing, perfect for the beach.