The best holiday destinations for over 50s have been revealed

With so many beautiful places in the world, picking a holiday destination can be hard. However, it becomes much easier once you start listing the things you actually want from your getaway and judge potential places accordingly.

While are have been plenty of reports highlighting the best travel destinations for millennial travellers, couples on a romantic break or gap year enthusiasts, one significant age group seems to have been left out – the over 50s.

Luckily, tour operator Pettitts has analysed the factors that people in this age group said were most important to them in a trip – including bucket list experiences, natural sights, historical landmarks, accessibility and safety – and complied a list of the best travel destinations for the over 50s in their new ‘Silver Years Travel Index’.

Here’s the top 10 – they all look amazing, so the only question really is which one to visit first…


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Japan came out on top as the best travel destination for over 50s. From its high tech, modern capital to its beautiful mountains, coastlines and countryside, the country has much more to offer than you may think. Explore its historic towns and indulge in the delicious traditional street food across the different cities.


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Germany is great for a number of reasons but over 50s will particularly enjoy it from the Rhine. Travel the country with an 8-day cruise starting and ending in the historic city of Cologne to make the most of the beautiful views the country – from picturesque old towns to green vineyards.


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Anyone who has been to Italy knows that there is plenty to see in the beautiful country. In fact, where do you even start? From historic architecture and heritage to incredible views of nature – not to mention impeccable food at every stop – there’s no place it Italy that’ll leave you disappointed.


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What better way to spend your winter holiday than enjoying the incredible alpine views Switzerland is famous for? Think snowy mountain, skiing adventures and cosy cottages. Sign us up.


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Croatia has soared in popularity in recent years and rightly so – it is beautiful. While it is great for all generations, it is especially suited to over 50s according to Pettitts. With over 1,000 islands, there are endless areas to explore across the country.


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It’s no secret that Spain is a firm favourite among Brits. And considering the fact that it is so local (it’s only a two hour flight away), it’s no wonder it made the cut. Spain has it all – sandy beaches, cultural cities, delicious food and great atmospheres. What’s not to love?


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This breathtaking country is no doubt on everybody’s travel bucket list. As one of the largest nations in the world, China will never be short of places to see and things to do. From the bustling streets of Beijing to the Great Wall of China, it’s guaranteed to be an experience to remember.


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Portugal is yet another European gem perfect for over 50s. Visit the popular Algarve for a gorgeous coastline getaway or witness the beautiful scenes of the Portuguese valley during a river cruise. The options are endless.


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Yet another bucket list destination, Canada is a real treat. Here, you get a different experience at every corner of the country – from the French-influenced Quebec to the famous Niagra Falls or the charming city of Vancouver.


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Last but not least, France. While you may have expected our neighbouring country to be a bit higher up, France comes in at number 10 for over 50s. Known for exceptional food and wine – not to mention it’s world-class architecture and significant heritage – we definitely understand why France is on the list.