The best grazing platters to order in for easy entertaining

If you love to host friends and family at home, even if you’re are less inclined to get stuck into creating a four-course menu but still want to have people over, we have your perfect solution: grazing platters.

On the face of it, the idea seems simple – meats, cheeses, fruit, crackers and other nibbly foods artfully arranged on a serving platter or board for guests to tuck into and share. You’ve likely been spotting grazing platters on Instagram for a while now, thanks to their aesthetically pleasing quality, but if your first thought is ‘who has the time to stylishly arrange salami and grapes on a plate?’ we have your second answer: buy one pre-made.


All the hard work is done for you, leaving you to spend more time with your loved ones. And now, there are loads of different options to graze on – from boards filled with exclusively sweet treats to those designed specifically for brunch. Here are some of the best grazing platters to order now for easy-peasy entertaining at home. We think these would be especially great for the Platinum Jubilee.

The best grazing platters to order now:

Garner & Graze

signature grazing platter
Garner & Graze

Signature boxes, from £60, Garner & Graze

Garner & Graze has loads of different grazing platters on offer – you simply book which one you’d like and they do the rest. The brunch grazing platter includes a selection of brunch optionsm, such as avocado & sourdough, lox bagels, vegan banana bread, berry bircher, coconut yoghurt & granola, chia pudding, freshly baked pastries and seasonal fruit. Yum!

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Grape & Fig

grape & fig grazing platter

The British Cheese & Charcuterie Platter, £135, Grape & Fig

Grap & Fig has plenty of choice when it comes to grazing platters, from a crudites and hummus board to an ‘unforgettable afternoon tea’ platter. These are perfect for a special occasion, sure to impress your guests.

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charcuterie grazing platter

Cheese and Charcuterie Board, £90, Delicario

For a truly deluxe grazing experience, Delicario’s contains a selection of gourmet tapas such as Italian and Spanish artisan cured meats, aged manchego and other artisan cheeses, sprigs of thyme, fig and almond jam, green olives, artichoke pâté and more.

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Graze Life

brunch grazing platter
Graze Life

Brunch Platter, £95, Graze Life

Grazing platters are suitable for all meal occasions and this groaning brunch platter feeds 6-8 people. It includes fresh croissants, pain au chocolate, sugar waffles, Greek yogurt, granola pots, fresh fruit, cheese, ham, smoked salmon and bagels.

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Berry and Brie

Just Cheese grazing Platter

Just Cheese Platter, £120, Berry & Brie

There’s a huge choice of grazing boards on offer at Berry & Brie, including a Cheese and Charcuterie board, Just Cheese platter, Brunch platter, Seasonal Fruit board, Crudites and Hummus platter, Vegan platter, Sweet Dessert platter and a Bagel platter.

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morrisons grazing platter

Breakfast Platter, £6, Morrisons

Morrisons also has a wide range of grazing boards available, including a new breakfast board, a spicy grazing box featuring samosas and spring rolls, and a Ploughmans grazing box. These are a great purse-friendly option.

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Olive & Bloom

olive and bloom grazing platter

Classic Grazing Platter, £90, Olive & Bloom

Olive & Bloom offer a classic grazing platter featuring local cheeses and antipasti, a vegan platter, a breakfast platter containing pastries and waffles, a bagel platter and a platter designed especially for kids – to name a few!

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The Grazing Board Co.

grazing board co platter

All platters, £75, The Grazing Board Co.

All platters from The Grazing Board Co. come in a standard size feeding approximately five people. Customers can choose from a platter of fresh fruit, open bagels, sweet treats like brownies and cake, brunch items, cheese and fruits, and meats and cheese.

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Graze By Dish

graze by dish platter

The savoury box, £34, Graze By Dish

On the slightly more affordable end of the scale also sits Graze By Dish, where you can buy a savoury box including homemade caramelised onion scotch eggs, homemade garlic and thyme sausage rolls, a handpicked cheese selection, artisan crackers, rustic breads, charcuterie selection, Ottervale chutney, olives, fresh fruit selection, cherry tomatoes, fresh honeycomb, nuts, stuffed pepperdew peppers and dried fruits. If that wasn’t impressive enough, there are seven other styles of grazing platter available too.

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Fig and Ginger

Fig & ginger grazing platter

Original Grazing Board, from £72, Fig & Ginger

The Main Graze platter includes a selection of cheeses including Brie, Cheddars, stilton, Red Leicester, and a selection of cured meats. Seasonal fruits, nuts and antipasti are then added, including olives, sundried tomatos and gerkins, plus crackers and chutney. If the original board doesn’t take your fancy, you may prefer the breakfast board that’s also on offer. But it’s important to check the delivery from Fig & Ginger, as they currently only deliver within Nottinghamshire.

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Grazing Social

grazing social platter

The Graze Platter, from £40, Grazing Social

Customers can either order a brunch platter or graze platter, which features tasty treats like artisan cheeses, cured meats, seasonal dips and crudites, falafel, pakora, fresh and dried fruits, olives, nuts and crackers. This is another place with local delivery only, 15 miles from Hastings.

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