Raise your glasses: The best glasses for every face, style and make-up

Who says wearing specs can’t be glam? Here’s our guide to the season’s best frames for your face, style and make-up.

Tips for trying on glasses

When choosing a style to suit the shape of your face, the general rule is that opposites work, so if you have a round face you’re likely to suit an angular frame, says Specsavers frame stylist Bianca Sarre. Also note that if glasses are too narrow on your face they might make your eyes look close together; if they are wider than your face at the temples they could distort your face shape. Style considerations aside, a good fit is essential, for example, with chunky styles, if the top of the frames sits higher than the line of your eyebrows or the lower edge sits on your cheeks, then they’re not for you.


best glasses transparent
Frames, £129 (part of the two for one offer), Osiris, specsavers.co.uk. Coat, £120, Palones, fenwick.co.uk. Image: Mark Cant

For those who like to play with make-up colours, see-through styles provide the perfect showcase and enable the use of bold shades on both eyes and lips. Here make-up artist Lisa Valencia used a navy liner around the lash line and finished with a smudgy berry-coloured mouth.

£120, finlayandco.com 

£180, fasforartssake.com 

£98, aceandtate.com

£275, uk.lindafarrow.com

£60, madaboutspecs.co.uk 

£69, specsavers.co.uk


best glasses tinted
Frames, £180, chloe.com/gb. Blouse, £750, Tory Burch, fenwick.co.uk. Image: Mark Cant

Large, fine-framed glasses with colour-graded lenses are another great choice if you like a more made-up eye. Here Lisa used a wash of metallic shadow and a gently smudged liner but kept the rest of the face very natural.

£149, Marc Jacobs, specsavers.co.uk 

£435, cutlerandgross.com

£260, ferragamo.com

£159, Carrera, fashioneyewear.co.uk

£15, tigerspecs.co.uk 

£295, Oliver Peoples, davidclulow.com 


best glasses chunky
Frames, £98, aceandtate.com. Jacket, £445, whistles.com. Image: Mark Cant

Bold masculine frame looks great contrasted with a sultry, smoky eye. Here Lisa used lots of dark shadow and black liner and kept the rest of the look light with a glossy, natural lip.

£165, shopviu.com 

£120, finlayandco.com

£365, uk.lindafarrow.com

£125, cubitts.com 

£290, gucci.com 

£295, Tom Davies stores


best glasses for women metallic
Frames, £178, dolcegabanna.com. Jumper, £89, mintvelvet.com. Image: Mark Cant

When your frames are statement enough, opt for warm and glowy nude tones to keep the look chic. Use bronzer to add contour to cheekbones and define your brows with pencil for a fresh outdoorsy look.

£99, Hype, specsavers.co.uk

£285, cutlerandgross.com

£34.95, goggles4u.co.uk 

£265, alexandermcqueen.com 

£680, Elie Saab, coolframes.co.uk

£125, cubitts.com

Colour pop

best glasses for women colour pop
Frames, £177, blackeyewear.com. Dress, £795, Edeline Lee, fenwick.co.uk. Image: Mark Cant

Fun frames in candy shades look great with a bold red mouth. Don’t be afraid to colour clash your glasses and your lipstick, but as this is enough drama, keep the rest of your make-up pared back. 

£110, Kate Spade, fashioneyewear.co.uk 

£105, baileynelson.co.uk 

£19.95, goggles4u.com 

£195, shopviu.com

£165, kaleoscollection.com 

£285, cutlerandgross.com 

Cat’s eye

Cat’s-eye frames, £775, annakarinkarlsson.com. Diamante glasses chain, £165, framechain.co.uk. Dress, £655, Tory Burch, fenwick.co.uk. Image: Mark Cant

A retro style lends itself to playful make-up looks. Try this frame shape with winged black liner for the ultimate feline vibe. Team with a hot red lip or 1960s-style nude.

£167, blackeyewear.com

£630, uk.lindafarrow.com

£180, fasforartssake.com 

£285, cutlerandgross.com

£309, Bulgari, davidclulow.com 

£99, Orla Kiely, Specsavers (available in limited stores)

How to do your make-up when you’re wearing glasses

So should you up the mascara and blush or tone them down? We asked make-up artist and specs-wearer Ariane Poole for her tips.

As well as looking at how the size and style of your frames will suit your make-up, you need to look at your prescription. If you’re near-sighted, the prescription in your glasses will make your eyes look smaller. To counteract this use lighter colours and shimmers to make your eyes seem bigger. Define your eyes with liner but rather than using black or dark brown, go for pencils that are one to two shades lighter. 

If you’re far-sighted, the prescription in your glasses will make your eyes appear larger. This is great if you have smaller eyes but for those with regular or large eyes there’s a risk of them looking bulbous. You can use darker colours here and avoid using shimmer or glitter on the eyes as this will emphasise their size. Look for darker, more matt eyeshadows such as a deep taupe or charcoal grey.

If you have varifocals, it can be tricky as the upper half of your glasses will make the eyes appear smaller and the lower half bigger. The main thing to address is underneath the eyes. Dark circles will be emphasised so use an eye cream twice a day to keep the area plump. Opt for a concealer formulated to target under-eye circles, too – something lightweight but pigment rich. Try my Mineral Illuminating Pen (£22, arianepoole.com) or Estée Lauder Double Wear Instant Fix Concealer (£25, esteelauder.co.uk). You can mix up your eyeshadow colour with varifocals, using a darker shade on the upper eye lid and lighter shades beneath. Make sure to blend well. 

I love using a magnifying mirror. A 5x magnification is fine. Boots has a good illuminated one (£49.99, boots.com).



Glasses will affect where you place your blusher, so apply it with them on so you can use your frames as a guide for placement. You want your blush to lie just underneath your glasses not behind them as this can cause the skin to look blotchy.


No matter what your prescription, mascara is still important. I would suggest curling your lashes before applying
as this will prevent the mascara from fluttering against the lens.


No matter what your frame shape, your brows will still be seen, so keep them looking groomed with a brow gel.

Three make-up bag must-haves

shiseido eyelash curlerShiseido eyelash curler, £20, cultbeauty.co.uk

elf brow gelElf Wow brow gel, £4.50, elfcosmetics.co.uk

Bobbi brown blushBobbi Brown cheek colour, £21, bobbibrown.co.uk

Compiled by Shelly Vella and Joanne Toolan