This front door colour can add £4,000 to the value of your home

First impressions count, and this is particularly true when it comes to our homes. So much so, in fact, that new research has revealed that the colour of your front door could make a significant difference to the value of your property.

According to the survey, conducted by, blue is the best colour for your front door if you’re putting your home on the market, and could add an average of £4,000 to its value. At the opposite end of the spectrum, brown front doors were seen as least desirable, decreasing the value of the home by around £700.

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To draw this conclusion, the experts analysed more than 1,000 properties on Zoopla, based in the UK, with 3 bedrooms and a garden, and calculated the average price as £275,000. 10 properties of each door colour were then selected at random to determine the price difference, and the results were surprisingly varied.

The 5 front door colours that adds the most value to your home

Blue: £4,000 value added
White: £3,400 value added
Red: £1,800 value added
Black: £1,000 value added
Green: £500 value added

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Alex Willcocks of Burbeck Interiors explained to the team: ‘Extreme colours for doors are great if you want to inject your personality into your property but aren’t great for selling houses. I would recommend painting your front door a neutral colour, or for a more modern property, opt for a more contemporary style as a focal point,’ Alex adds.

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Alternatively, if you’re staying put and want a front door colour to reflect your personality, here’s what environmental psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers told about the values each one can represent:

  • A red front door is seen as very traditional, like a post-box, and conveys a vibrant, passionate personality inside.
  • A green front door conveys a trusting, grounded personality and represents growth.
  • A white front door is seen as more modern, clean, and organised in some respects, and peaceful in others.
  • A brown front door, usually wooden, promotes a more natural sense, strong and stable.
  • A black door can be mysterious but can also be stylish and sophisticated.
  • A blue front door can promote a feeling of serenity and promotes an appealing sense of freedom.