This brand has been crowned the best for flat pack furniture – and it’s not IKEA

Flatpack furniture – in essence, it’s a convenient and more affordable way to buy furniture for your home, however, the reality is that most of us dread the stuff, whether for the often hard to follow instructions, how long it takes to assemble or the fact there’s always one piece missing. Love it or hate it, you’ll likely encounter ‘assembly required’ bookshelves, cabinets and tables more than once in your life, so it’s in your best interest to find out who does it best.

Next table

When it comes to flat pack furniture, one particular Swedish brand may be what immediately springs to mind. However, IKEA is not the only place to buy the stuff nor, as it turns out, is it the best flat pack furniture brand out there.

According to research conducted by GTSE, a wholly different high street brand takes the top spot as the best flat pack furniture brand, and the result might just surprise you. The data was gathered by analysing how many negative comments various different high street and online furniture brands had received on social media in relation to their flat-pack furniture.

next furniture

The data revealed that Next received just 16 complaints from customers in relation to flat pack furniture on social media over the last 12 months, making it the least complained about brand of the 16 that were analysed. Despite probably not being the first place you think of for flat-pack furniture, Next clearly know what they’re doing in providing well-made pieces of furniture that can be built easily and efficiently, without a masters in engineering.

In second place was budget homeware brand Wilko, with 73 negative comments on social media in the last year – nearly five times as many as Next, but still low for an entire year. Taking home bronze was Dunelm, with just a few more negative social media comments at 91.

Next sofa

The top 8 best flat-pack furniture brands are:

  1. Next – 16 negative comments
  2. Wilko – 73 negative comments
  3. Dunelm – 91 negative comments
  4. Wickes – 225 negative comments
  5. Habitat – 412 negative comments
  6. Argos – 527 negative comments
  7. Oak Furnitureland – 1,351 negative comments
  8. eBay – 1,953 negative comments

Of course, you might be wondering where IKEA lands on this list. The survey revealed that the Swedish furniture brand had accumulated a huge 28,494 complaints since May 2020, placing them much further down the list. However, it is, of course, worth noting that, being the flat-pack giant it is, by comparison, IKEA sells a lot more flat pack furniture in a year (over 224 million people shopped from the brand in the last year), so we’re sure they have plenty of positive comments to show for it, too.