The best days to shop at Aldi have been revealed

If there’s one supermarket that knows how to put on a good bargain, it’s Aldi. From their award-winning gin to their Jo Malone-esque candles, they take the small luxuries in life and make them affordable for the average person (us) – and yes, we love them for it.

If you do too, then you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got a top tip for you on when the best time to shop at the German supermarket is.

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It has been revealed that Aldi restocks their best buys every Thursday and Sunday, meaning these are the ideal days to shop in store and online. Regular customers will be familiar with Aldi’s Specialbuys – a selection limited edition products released in small quantities that are available at low prices. For example, their famous copycat candles, or their £6.99 Frank coffee scrub dupe.

Well, a brand new batch of these products are dropped each week on the aforementioned days. So if you want to have first dibs, note the dates in your calendar and you’ll be among the first to secure Aldi’s latest purse-friendly offerings – be it tech, toys, kitchenware or food, all at a heavily discounted price.

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For those who are extra keen, you can also see what Specialbuy products are ‘coming soon’ to the supermarket on the dedicated page on their website or sign up for their free newsletter – that way, you’ll really be ahead of the game.

Just last week, Aldi launched a £50 KitchenAid-style mixer in a range of rainbow colours. Known for its ability to whizz up any number of recipes in a matter of minutes, the original product is worth a hefty price of £449 for a mini mixer, and goes all the way up to £899 for a ‘professional’ version. Aldi’s version however promises to be just as effective but with a more inviting price tag of just £49.

So, what are you waiting for? Set your alarms for this week’s supermarket sweep.