This is the best colour to paint your bedroom for a great night’s sleep

We all know that sleep is affected by many factors – from the food we eat to the blue light from the screens we stare at every day. But new research from Dulux has revealed that there are other environmental factors at play too – including the paint on our bedroom walls.

The experts at the brand conducted a survey of 1,500 homeowners across the country, and found that colour has a huge impact in all areas of our home, particularly when it comes to the room we sleep in.

best colour to paint your bedroom
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People with yellow bedrooms, for instance, are most likely to say they always feel exhausted, while red walls also left respondents suffering from a lack of quality sleep. As for the best colour to opt for if you want a deep, restful slumber? It’s at the other end of the colour wheel, with Dulux concluding that Brits with peaceful green bedrooms get the best sleep of all.

Green is often cited as one of the most relaxing colours; it brings us back to nature and helps us to feel grounded, and with shades spanning mint and sage to a rich forest, there’s a hue to suit all tastes.

best colour to paint your bedroom
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However, Dulux also looked into the affects of colour in other areas of the home, and made even more surprising findings, including:

  • People with purple living rooms are most likely to describe themselves as TV addicts
  • People with blue hallways are the most confident
  • People with orange kitchens are the best cooks
  • People with a green colour scheme in their lounges are the biggest workaholics
  • People with red bathrooms have the most relaxing bathing experience
  • People with a yellow front door earn the most money

Dulux Colour of the Year ambassador, Fearne Cotton, commented on the results: ‘In today’s world, there’s so much confusion and complication and I think, for 2019, we’re all ready to let the light in and start living in a more positive way. A lot of it is about getting back to basics, putting down our phones, and appreciating the beauty that’s around us.

best colour to paint your bedroom
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‘We forget to see the blue of the sky, the sunlight hitting the pavement and we ignore the impact that these things have on our mood. This is the same in our homes, too often we think “oh I like that colour” but don’t think about the impact that can have on how we feel in that room.

‘We need to look at what we want from that room and then create spaces that help us feel more positive.’