A top florist’s tips on decorating your home with flowers this Christmas

Whether you’re looking for dreamy Christmas centrepieces or the perfect wreath to prettify your front door, chances are flowers and foliage will play some part in your festive décor this year.

But which are the best flowers to decorate your home with this Christmas? We spoke to top florist Ronny Colbie, who emphasized the importance of choosing florals that complement your homes’ existing aesthetic, rather than simply following trends.  ‘Decorating your home for Christmas is personal and should complement your interiors yet remain in keeping with the traditions of the festive season’ he said.

best christmas flowers
Image: Ronny Colbie

For those who like a traditional look, there is one flower that stands out.  ‘If a traditional red and gold theme resonates, I find ruby red hydrangeas (like those used in the bouquet above) add opulence and warmth to a home and dry gorgeously by the fire’ says Ronny.

‘For that more modern, minimalist aesthetic, it is best to stick to a single colourway. Try vases placed throughout your home filled of white amaryllis (pictured below), paired with delicate English foliage’ suggest Ronny. And remember, to help your displays last longer, trim an inch off the stems and place in fresh, lukewarm water every few days.

best winter flowers
Image: Getty

It’s not just bouquets you can use to decorate your home – foliage can also be deployed to great effect. Ronny suggests ‘adding branches of wild holly to your tree – this enhances the texture and is a playful way to add points of interest’. You can also place fresh holly on shelves and in nooks, alongside pinecones and sticks of cinnamon.

best christmas foliage
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Another good idea is to ‘salvage some offcuts from your tree to place around mirrors and picture frames using wire’.

As well as the festive look of plants and flowers, their scents can also be evocative of Christmas.  ‘For me the power of scent will inject Christmas spirit into your home while calmly easing you into the whirlwind that is Christmas’ says Ronny. ‘I would recommend adding a wreath to your door made using fragrant pine and cinnamon, lighting a cosy winter candle, or simply adding fresh winter foliage to your banister.

christmas wreath making
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