The best age to take an adult gap year

When we hear the phrase ‘gap year’, we generally think – Jack Whitehall comedy routines aside – of a student or person in their 20s taking time out to travel the world.

But if you’re 30 plus and often dream of packing it all in and jetting off to explore an exotic location, you’re not alone. The trend for adult gap years is growing, and extended global travel is no longer just a pursuit for millennials.

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In fact, travel company Florida4Less recently asked a pool of 2,000 British people what age they thought they’d get the most benefit out of grabbing their passports and travelling to certain bucket list destinations. Their average response? 37.

The cities included on the long list were as diverse as Rome, Queenstown, Edinburgh, and Mexico City – although respondents ultimately decided that the best places to visit in your thirties were Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York, Berlin and Florida.

Their reasoning was that you’re more likely to truly appreciate the art and culture in these locations with a few extra years under your belt (and in our books, yes that does include the Walt Disney World Resort in the latter).

Catalonian capital Barcelona in particular was said to be best for those in their mid thirties, thanks to its amazing architecture and food, while 36 is the ‘perfect’ age to visit bustling cities like New York and Berlin, the survey suggested.

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According to previous research, those who choose to take gap years enjoy advantages including a broadened outlook, new friends and increased confidence – and these benefits are not age specific.

So, whether you fancy soaking up the sun on a far-flung beach or inter railing through cities to discover landmarks you didn’t dream you’d ever see in person, it’s never to late to book your flights – enormous backpack optional.