Ben & Jerry’s have brought two delicious new flavours to the UK

In the immortal words of Bridget Jones, we’re in a relationship with two men simultaneously – one named Ben, the other, Jerry.

The only thing that could possibly make the brand’s iconic frosty tubs more enjoyable would be, well, more of them – and now our wishes have been granted, as they’ve introduced two delicious-sounding new flavours to their UK range, in honour of their 40th birthday.

The first of the flavours, the aptly named ‘Birthday Cake’, marries vanilla cake batter ice cream with swirls of pink frosting and generous sections of actual cake (if you plan on sharing your tub, we guarantee you’ll be fighting over these nuggets with a matter of seconds).

‘Pretzel Palooza’, meanwhile, is a purchase for those who love a little savoury with their sweet – it’s a a vanilla malt ice cream with a swirl of chocolate hazelnut, chocolate covered pretzel pieces, plus chunks of solo chocolate for good measure. As part of their ‘topped’ range, it also comes with an extra layer of fudgy goodness on the top.

The two varieties are already (unsurprisingly) very successful in their native America, but it’s the first time that they’ve been available to UK shoppers. Both are also Fairtrade and made with free-range eggs, so whether you serve them in a cone, fill up a bowl or go straight in with your spoon, you know that your moment of indulgence was responsibly created.

Want to know where you can get your first taste of Ben & Jerry’s exciting new offering? Birthday Cake and Pretzel Palooza are both making their debut in the UK through Ocado, so make a mental note to add them to your trolley next time you do an online order.

Ben & Jerry’s Birthday Cake and Pretzel Palooza Ice Cream is available now from Ocado, priced £4.50 and £4.80 respectively.