Ben and Jerry’s launches whipped ice cream sundaes in four new flavours

We know ice cream isn’t exactly on the top of people’s shopping lists during the winter months, but after seeing the newest chilly treat from Ben and Jerry’s, we might just have to add it to our baskets.

The renowned ice cream brand has launched a new ice cream sundae range in four totally tempting flavours, each tub costing £5.49. Don’t fret if you’re dairy-free – there’s a vegan option, too.

But what makes the ice cream sundae different from the usual tubs of deliciousness we’ve seen from Ben and Jerry’s? The ice cream is finished off with a whipped cream topping, silky sauce and chocolate chunks.

One of the new flavours is called Cookie Vermont-ster, which features sweet ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and chocolatey cookie swirls. Another rich and chocolatey flavour is the Hazel-nuttin’ but Chocolate, but this time there’s – you guessed it – nuts. A Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream surrounds brownies pieces and sea salt chocolate swirls.

Ben and Jerry's ice cream sundae
Ben and Jerry’s

If that’s sounds like a chocolate overload to you, you can give the Oh My! Banoffee Pie! flavour a try. A creamy banana ice cream acts as the base to chocolate caramel cups and cookie swirls.

For those who are non-dairy, the Non-Dairy Berry Revolutionary tub consists of raspberry non-dairy ice cream with sandwich cookies and chocolate cookie swirls.

Ben and Jerry's ice cream sundae
Ben and Jerry’s

Priscille Moussy, flavour guru at Ben & Jerry’s said: ‘You might think you know a sundae… But are you ready for a sundae the Ben & Jerry’s way?! Inspired by the American classic, we wanted to show dessert devotees you do not have to go out to go all out.

‘Sundaes are ice cream plus so much more. We think you’re going to need a bigger spoon to dig deep into these layers!’

Ben & Jerry’s new sundae range is available now in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and other UK supermarkets.

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