Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough chunks are now available in the UK

If you love Ben & Jerry’s iconic cookie dough ice cream as much as we do then we’ve got some excellent news. Everyone knows that the best bit about the popular flavour is the delicious chunks of cookie dough within it, and now, you can buy them on their own.

Ben & Jerrys cookie dough chunks UK
Ben & Jerrys

That’s right, one supermarket is now selling bags of those delicious Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough chunks and we’re ready to stock up. The special pouches feature miniature versions of the amazingly gooey chocolate chip cookie dough chunks found in the brand’s best selling ice cream.

Available in Asda stores across the country, as well as on the Asda website, you’ll find the bags in the freezer section but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you need to cook them. In fact, they’re ready for you to indulge in as soon as you leave the checkout. And guess what? They’re priced at £3.99, meaning they’re more affordable than the brand’s ice cream, which usually works out at £5 per tub.

While the treats are new to the UK, they have been available in the US for a while. Last year, Ben & Jerry’s announced the launch of the snacks via a statement on their official website, reading: ‘Our Flavour Gurus have unleashed the Cookie Dough chunks!

‘Our flavour family varies from region to region, so we’re sorry to say that they’re only available in the US right now! We haven’t confirmed plans to bring our snackable Cookie Dough chunks to the United Kingdom just yet, but we never say never!’

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks, £3.99, Asda

When the news of the UK launch was highlighted via popular Instagram page, News Food UK, people were ecstatic, flooding the comments section with their excitement and tagging friends to inform them.

‘They’re in Asda now yay, I want them,’ one person wrote, tagging a friend. Meanwhile another said: ‘Look for these every single time you go to Asda pls’ and a third simply wrote: ‘Wow, finally!’

We’ll see you in the queue at an Asda store near you.