The brand will swap your unwanted Christmas gifts for jewellery this weekend

No one wants to sound ungrateful, but everyone knows the feeling of unwrapping a gift that they know they’ll never use.

Whether it’s beauty products that doesn’t suit your skin, clothes or accessories that aren’t your style or a well-intentioned book or game that you know deep down will stay sitting on the shelf all year, the awkwardness of the situation is two-fold. Not only do you have to express your thanks upon opening, you have to figure out what to do with the present that will likely just gather dust once the festivities are over.

Beaverbrooks Charity Gift Swap Weekend
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Sound familiar? Then you might be interested to hear that high-street jewellers Beaverbrooks have come up with a novel solution to the conundrum, and it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The nationwide chain is encouraging you to bring any unused gifts, ‘from toys and books to perfume and pyjamas’ into a store as part of its Charity Gift Swap Weekend. Not only will the brand take your unwanted gifts and donate them to a local charity, it will even add a little extra sparkle to your day in return, in the form of a £10 gift voucher.

Paul Holly, head of charity at Beaverbrooks, explained of the initiative: ‘Many people receive gifts at Christmas, and while it’s the thought that counts, there are sometimes occasions where presents don’t hit the mark, whether it’s toiletries or that secret Santa present you never needed.’

‘More often than not, we’re given items that we wouldn’t normally buy for ourselves and come January, are left wondering what to do with them. We wanted to do something useful with them this year and donate them to a worthy cause.’

Beaverbrooks Charity Gift Swap Weekend
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To take advantage of the generous offer, simply head to your local Beaverbrooks store with your unwanted gift in tow between 10am on Friday 3 January and 4pm on Sunday 5 January to take part in the Charity Gift Swap Weekend. Not only will the brand donate your present to someone who really needs it, as a thank you for your troubles, you’ll receive a £10 Beaverbrooks Gift Card to put towards something you actually want.

‘We’re proud to be a much-loved high street jeweller, celebrating magical moments and bringing people together for 100 years,’ adds Paul, ‘so what better way to start 2020 off than giving back to the community and a charity close to our hearts.’

For more information on the Beaverbrooks Charity Gift Swap Weekend and to find your nearest branch, visit