Beauty Pie’s cult £8 moisturiser is finally back in stock

Beauty Pie is the gift that keeps on giving. Subscription gets you access to amazing high-performance products at a seriously low discount, with the majority of products priced at £10 or less.

The brainchild of Marcia Kilgore, who also created Soap & Glory, everything from skincare to make-up to fragrance from the line consistently receives rave reviews. But every now and then there’s a formula that’s so popular it sells out regularly, leaving fans desperate for news of the next restock.

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It’s the Maharaja of moisturizers. The high-five of hydrators. The pinnacle of plump, dewy skin. And in all the excitement of the limitless gift shop going live, and the awesome stocking stuffer sale, and that- rather radical- website crash, a BIG Christmas shipment of it arrived in the UK warehouse, in its fancy new jar – shimmery and black to match the cleanser and mist- and nobody noticed. (Correction, some of you noticed as hundreds of them went out the warehouse door, but officially, there was no announcement, no broohaha, nothing to match the greatness of the stuff itself). So for those of you PIE who have been waiting with bated breath for Jeju, the legendary Swiss-Korean hybrid cream, made famous first by the Island that some of the ingredients come from (the purest place on earth) and second by the fabulous @salihughes and of course given the original PIE nod approval by arbiter of arbiters, our own skincare guru- @marcia.kilgore, it’s BACK IN STOCK IN THE UK. Same formula. Snazzier jar. And because you kept telling us you loved it for daytime too, it’s labelled that way! Now, when are we getting the full-body version, right? ( US PIE your shipment is en route!)

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Enter Beauty Pie’s Jeju Daily AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion (try saying that five times quickly), part of an exclusive four-piece K-beauty inspired collection that has customers virtually queuing up for replenishment time and time again.

The balm is infused with trademark Jeju Volcanic Sand to balance oil and hyaluronic acid for a major hit of moisture. A typical retail price for the cream would be £70, but BP members can snap it up for just £8.87. Therein lies the genius of membership.

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You may not know this about WATER. It's dehydrating. At least when it comes in contact with your skin. Which is why your fingertips prune up and your legs itch after a long hot bath, or you feel dry when you towel off after a shower. And why your face- when you rinse it all the time- feels dryer. (The components of your natural moisturizing factor are compromised, weakened, WASHED-OFF, and you need to build them all back.) ENTER: JEJU REHYDRATION MIST🐰🍃 Not only super antioxidant (from cherry blossoms) and energizing (from bamboo grass), it's got hydrating hyaluronic acid, to add that PLUMPNESS back, after a shower, so you get the max from any moisturizer. And yes, you can combine it with any cleanser! Any questions from the PIE? . . . . #BEAUTYPIE #JEJU #HYDRATIONMIST

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Due to its ongoing popularity, it’s been unavailable for some time, but in the midst of a major Christmas, it’s returned, to the delight of basically everyone.

‘It’s one of my five star pie-buys, I love using it and I love the way my skin feels in the morning,’ said one on Instagram when the news was announced, while another commented: ‘Was worried this would be too rich for my combination skin but I love it as a night cream. Also can we take a minute for the smell, it’s so good!!!!’

Beauty Pie Jeju Daily AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion

Jeju Daily AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion, £8.87, Beauty Pie

It’s a similar story on the Beauty Pie website, where AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion has more  than 250 five-star reviews, from shoppers who cite it as particularly good for acne-prone or  mature skin.

One even went as far as to call it the ‘best moisturiser in existence,’ saying that it made their skin ‘feel instantly better, looks brighter and calmer.’

Our advice? Fill your basket while you still can – just like the ‘miraculous’ £8 serum that flies out the door every time, we predict that the current batch won’t be around for long.