BEAUTY KNOWHOW: Why bottoms are beauty’s latest focus

The bottom line… is that we’ve all been sitting down too much recently. Cue the beauty world’s new focus.

Over the past few months, the day’s commute has often been as short as going from bed, to desk, to sofa, and back to bed again. So it’s little wonder that our bottoms are now beauty’s latest target.

illustration of a woman
Inessa Dovranova / Stocksy United

sol de janeiro bum bum creamOf course, we’ve had the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, inspired by the curvaceous bottoms and bodies of Brazilian beach culture (from £18, But things are ramping up. Enter Nails Inc and its Inc.redible diffusion range which has just launched a Feeling Cheeky sheet mask for bums – amusingly shaped as two peaches, one for each cheek, it comes in a pack with watermelon-shaped masks for breasts (£15, It’s infused with vitamin C and peach extract to plump, hydrate and generally revitalise the skin. Thea Green, founder of the brand, says that Covid-19 has seen ‘our customers look to re-create the same sensorial experience they would get at a spa in their own homes; globally our masks saw a 233 per cent uplift in sales’.

Inc.redible feeling cheeky mask

Booty Peaches & Gleam bottom maskFor Chantelle Thompson it’s definitely the era of derrière care. She’s launched her Booty Peaches & Gleam bottom mask under her label B.Bare (£19, This is a powder you mix with water, paint on, leave to dry for ten minutes then peel off. It is all about plumping, smoothing and hydrating. Chantelle is also behind the Brazilian Booty Lift non-invasive treatment on offer at salons and clinics around the country; it involves lymphatic drainage, LED light and radio frequency to help lift, sculpt and tighten skin (from £95 per session). Demand has boomed since lockdown lifted.

elemis musclease oil

elemis Body Detox Skin BrushMassaging the gluteus maximus (and surrounding area) has long been recommended by Noella Gabriel, co-founder of Elemis. Tension and clenching these muscles ‘can affect the way you sit, stand and your posture – and can manifest in [tight] hamstrings, sciatica and lower back or hip pain’. She suggests massaging in circular movements using a warm oil or cool gel – try Elemis Musclease Active Body Oil (£40, – to help release tension. And I also regularly use the brand’s Body Detox Skin Brush (£21) to exfoliate the region too.

Beauty Assistant: Alice Robertson.