BEAUTY KNOW HOW: Time to season-proof your skincare

Have you sent your skin seasonal greetings? Not an early Christmas card but product ingredients that change according to the time of year.

De Mamiel Autumn Facial Oil, £70,

Annee de Mamiel has been making her Seasonal Facial Oils for some time but they’re suddenly now much in demand – not only do they sell out but dedicated clients are pre-ordering for the season ahead so that they don’t miss out. Production is still relatively small and her Autumn Facial Oil will be available from 3 September – snap it up while you can.

Hello Day Autumn Supplement Box, £79,

Natural supplement brand Hello Day also produces season-focused packages as it believes each time of year brings its own challenges for the body. De Mamiel believes it isn’t simply about the atmosphere and coping with external stressors such as a change in temperature or the central heating being turned on. ‘It’s also about a connection to Chinese medicine and everything being a cycle. Our bodies respond to rhythm,’ she says, whether that’s the cycle of nature or our own circadian rhythms.

Elemis Peptide 4 Night Recover Cream-Oil, £49,

Circadian rhythms are also behind Elemis’s new Skin-Synchronising Peptide 24/7 range, which is all about capitalising on and supporting the body’s internal clock. The products contain Elemis’s own peptide created using specially grown UK ingredients to fully support the skin’s renewal and repair process while you sleep, so you wake up looking as though you’ve had a good night’s kip even if it may have been somewhat challenged. For some rhythms are year-round.

Get the make-up doodle bug

WHAT Just in time for a back-to-school mood, beauty brands are channelling that old pencil case feeling with a raft of new products, inspired by everything from felt-tip pens to wax crayons. Addictively clickable, compact and easy-to-scribble sticks will help keep those Sunday night blues at bay.

WHEN We first noticed this trend last year when Clarins launched its pop-up clickable multi-nib 4-Colour Pen, which is reminiscent of a child’s multicoloured ballpoint doodler. With its three eye pencils and one lip liner all housed within one handy pen to keep your make-up bag streamlined (and fun), it was a sellout success. So much so, the brand has issued another version, out now.

WHY With multipurpose products trending and consumers keen to lighten their load, it’s no surprise that when Crayola approached ASOS to create an easy-to-use make-up collection, the resulting products have been in high demand. Multi-use, yes – fun, ditto. But Asos also hopes that ‘the nostalgia of using a crayon will embolden people to colour outside the lines – the way they did when they were young’.

Crayola Beauty Colour Crayon Trio in Mermaid, £18, ASOS

Clarins 4-Colour Pen in 02, £28,

Rouge Dior Ink Lip Liner in Ultra Love, £24,

Josh Wood Colour Root Marker in Lighter Blonde, £8,

Feature by Edwina Ings-Chambers