BEAUTY KNOWHOW: The queen of natural is back!

Legendary make-up artist Bobbi Brown has made my summer with a range that’s all about looking fabulous… fast.

Bobbi Brown
Bobbi does her own make-up every morning in just four minutes

Despite walking away five years ago from the label she founded in 1991, it turns out that Bobbi Brown couldn’t stop creating cosmetics. ‘For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of make-up, I sure do love it,’ she says.

Her new venture, Jones Road, has arrived. The name came after months of deliberating – even her friend, the acclaimed journalist Gloria Steinem, got involved – when Bobbi saw the street name on navigation app Waze and liked the sound of it.

miracle balm

The products are just as uncomplicated: this is a well-thought-out range full of can’t-go-wrong stalwarts that deliver a natural finish. It’s as understated and easy as you might expect from a make-up artist who has always been about helping and empowering women to make the best of ourselves rather than create a false and overly painted face. As Bobbi puts it: ‘I wanted to create a product that makes you look better but not like you’re wearing anything. It’s make-up that you don’t have to fix and can just put on. I use the hashtag to describe it as #hownottolooklikeshit – because that’s why I wear make-up.’

the face pencil

Nor is this range about age or any notion of age-appropriate – ‘I hate the phrase “ageless consumer”,’ says Bobbi. This is simple, uncomplicated make-up that anyone of any application ability can put on and that fits into a busy life. Bobbi does her own make-up in four minutes in the car on her way to the office each morning. Jones Road is about that approach to putting your face on.

the best pencil

Among my favourites – and possibly the superhero of the range – is her Miracle Balm (shown here in Dusty Rose, £34). It’s a tinted, do-it-all product that can be used to add a dash of colour to the face, cheeks, eyes and lips, as well as moisture and a bit of glow.

mascaraThe Face Pencil (£23, available in 25 shades) is a marvellous stick-form concealer you can use under eyes or to even out skin tone where needed and any redness around the nose.

sparkle washFor eyes, The Best Pencil (£20) is an easy-to-use kohl that glides on perfectly – not too hard or too soft; The Mascara (£24) gives a natural curl with good lash definition, and The Sparkle Wash (£22) adds liquid colour to lids in just a wipe. For lips, Cool Gloss (£10) delivers shimmer and a tingling bit of menthol.

cool glossIn short, this is a collection of sure-fire hits from a woman who is at once both creative and super-practical. If you like a natural look, then seek no further.

Beauty assistant: Alice Robertson