BEAUTY KNOWHOW: Rosy buys for Valentine’s Day

Romance is in the air with a flurry of new treats derived from our favourite flower in time for Valentine’s Day.

No one in their beauty right mind can claim that rose is a new trend: it’s been used since ancient times in beautifying rituals. But yet again brands are refocusing on it as a key and generally luxurious ingredient as well as a longstanding ally of skin and its gentle care. So here – handily close to 14 February in case you have in mind someone to whom you’d like to show some fragrant love – are a few notable products featuring the queen of flowers. 

We told you a few months ago that it would happen – and it has. Elemis has made its wondrous limited-edition Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm (£43, a permanent feature. A classic cleanser with a dash of English rose oleo extract should be calming for more sensitive skin. Not only does it work a treat but it smells glorious.

Organic skincare lovers will want to know about new brand Wild & Precious (it comes fully certified as such) and its Rose Water 01 (£5, Using double-distilled water of the Bulgarian rose (ie, top-notch stuff), this is great as a toner, cleanser or diluted as a facial spritz. Smells great, and a bargain to boot!

Rome-based lifestyle brand The Beddha offers a swanky Rose Bath (£29, – dried rose petals and buds to add spa-like specialness to your ablutions. Called The Queen of Kings, this looks lovely and also imparts skin-soothing properties to the water while its aroma promotes calm. Indulgent, spoiling and recommended. 

Fragrance-wise, take a look at A Rose For… Eau de Parfum by Floris (£160, It’s inspired by the rose fields of Morocco, so think charming yet exotic. Additional notes include darjeeling tea, vanilla and cassis. Plus, it comes with a gold pen so that the bottle can be personalised by its owner – or bestower.

Pucker up and protect

If you’re off skiing – or just out and about a lot – meet the lip-balm range that’s got the beauty bunch talking: Albus and Flora. Housed in super-chic packaging, the collection includes five sheer shades from clear to bold red, with a perfect neutral in between. The UVA and UVB SPF 30 formula is made with cranberry and raspberry seed oil, alpine rose extract and other botanicals, many derived from plants that survive in harsh environments, £16,

Feature by Edwina Ings-Chambers. Beauty assistant Alice Robertson.