BEAUTY KNOWHOW: Are you feeling sensitive?

And I mean your skin. If the answer is yes, it’s time to rethink your beauty routine.

Sensitive, or at least sensitised, skin has been on the rise of late and is often put down to people overusing active ingredients in their beauty routine – excessive exfoliation, too much retinol, that sort of thing. This is giving rise to more fragrance-free lines, adding greater customer choice to the existing pharmacy brand offerings like La Roche-Posay.

‘My new Superkind line was inspired by conversations I was having with friends complaining of reactive skin,’ explains Tata Harper, founder of her eponymous natural but luxury skincare brand. She’s seen an even bigger increase in this skin issue over the past year as some people have gone overboard with their use of home routines.

Tata Harper Superkind fortifying moisturiserSuperkind, which Tata has spent the past two years formulating especially for reactive skin, is free of fragrance, an ingredient that can be irritating for many (this means no essential oils, a common way to add scent and normally a standard move for Tata). She also left out over 75 of the most common skin reactive triggers including soy and wheat as well as anything dermatologists monitor for patch testing. In addition to removing possible irritants, the line focuses on strengthening the skin barrier and is a concise but very pleasing offering of just three products: a cleanser, mask and moisturiser (from £57 each, Housed in glass containers, they are a treat to use and bring all of Tata’s usual luxury experience.

Frank Body body washFor its new Everyday range, Australian brand Frank Body has launched fragrance-free products alongside scented versions – the pH-balanced A Clean Body Wash (£9.95) and aluminium-free A Clean Deodorant (£11.95, ‘I have sensitive skin and fragrance is often one of the first irritants,’ says co-founder Bree Johnson. But this decision wasn’t all about her. ‘The number of customers seeking unscented products is growing, and that the consumer is loyal and vocal. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of how different ingredients affect their skin and, as a result, product education has been a big part of this launch.’ You can read more on its website.

frank body deodorantThere are also great new fragrance-free options for hair including the latest Grow Gorgeous Sensitive range (from £14, I particularly like the Micellar Shampoo (£14), which cleans without stripping, doesn’t sting and helps rid the scalp of itchy flakes. The Ceramide Rich Hair and Scalp Mask (£25) is also a great find and calms the scalp beyond one wash. I noticed irritation was still reduced even when using a different shampoo at the next wash so this is good to have to hand for any flare-ups.

Grow Gorgeous sensitive scalp maskBeauty assistant: Alice Robertson