BEAUTY BUZZ: The sun cream that targets your skin type

Sun cream that targets your skin type? Bring on the rays! Like so many beauty products, sun protection has not only become more technologically advanced, it is also now more targeted. Happily, this means that we can protect our skin and avoid the undesirable SPF side-effects of old.

Many of us like to use an SPF 50, but I find that most formulas give me spots. Eucerin Sun Oil Control Gel Cream SPF50+ (£16, contains an ingredient called L-Carnitine to keep sebum production in check. Apply it beneath make-up and it will dry to a matt finish.

Redness and irritation is another reason why some of us avoid SPF. Try Lancaster Sun Sensitive Luminous Tan Delicate Comforting Cream SPF50+ (£21,, which uses extract of cotton stem cells to soothe inflammation.

If you do slip up and catch a few too many rays, Garnier Ambre Solaire has combined a sheet mask-style application with an after-sun formulation that can be used for up to five applications. The After Sun Cooling Tissue Mask (£2.50, is saturated in hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing witch hazel, which reduces that tight, tingly feeling and feels especially good if you keep it in the fridge before using.

Another clever innovation is Tancream (£39.95,, which combines SPF 50 with a gradual tan and an instant bronzer, so you can stay protected as well as getting a summer glow.

The Dior pro go-to

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Inspired by the professional products and techniques used at its catwalk shows, Dior Backstage is a new range created by acclaimed make-up artist Peter Philips. We’re loving the Eye Palettes in Warm Neutrals and Cool Neutrals (£38 each, Apply the creamy primer first to make the shadows last longer, then mix and blend your pick of the eight matt and shimmer shades. Reserve pale colours for your inner eye corners and brow bone, then layer darker ones near the lashes and outer corners.

Go blue with your shampoo

Brunettes will love Charles Worthington ColourPlex Toning Blue Shampoo (£7.99, The first of its kind to land on the UK high street, it contains blue pigments that counteract warm red tones to help maintain a cooler, crisper shade like that of our favourite brunettes, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Liv Tyler.