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YOU Beauty Box : Spotlight on The English Soap Company

There’s something quite special about buying beauty and skincare products that have been handmade in the UK. Not only does it feel good to know you’re supporting a local business venture but the products themselves tend to include fresher, fine quality ingredients.
For soaps that really scrub up, The English Soap Company have shot into the number one spot, with the YOU Beauty team – and we’re increasingly smitten with the rest of the range too.
The English Soap Company was founded twelve years ago by Bob & Juliet, after discovering a large number of vintage soap moulds in a disused machinery workshop in Kent. This chance discovery was the inspiration behind the brand as they set out to recreate the luxurious soaps that they remembered from childhood.

Once the pair had mastered the art of soap making and perfumery, they set about developing the perfect soap of their own and thus The English Soap Company was born. The soaps themselves had to be smooth and silky in texture; to deliver intense moisture to the skin – rather than drying it, like so many other soaps can; and, finally, they wanted their soaps to be infused with a luxurious designer perfume that would last as long as the bar itself.
The resulting soap bars are made from a base of pure vegetable oils combined with vegetable derived glycerine and shea butter from the African Karite tree – which is what gives the soap its super skin nourishing properties.
Various perfumes are made, in England, by expert perfume-makers and designed specifically for The English Soap Company. These are then added to the soaps themselves before pressing.
Finally, the soap bars are created using a triple blending and refining process to make sure they are perfectly smooth before going to press.
In addition to the generous range of soaps, The English Soap Company also produces a selection of Soy Candles, made from natural pure soy wax. These long-lasting and clean burning soy candles have an approximate 35-hour burn time and are also generously perfumed for a potent but naturally scented fragrance – without the use of any potentially harmful chemicals.
We love a brand that goes some way to ease our conscience as we merrily shop for our health and beauty essentials and The English Soap Company is as well intentioned as they come. As well as the quality natural ingredients and artisan approach to both the candles and soap bars, the soy wax candles are an eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to paraffin wax and will not increase the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, unlike paraffin.
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