YOU Beauty Box: Soil Association and Organic Beauty Week unwrapped

We reveal everything you need to know about the Soil Association and Organic Beauty Week…


YOU Beauty Box: Soil Association and Organic Beauty Week unwrapped

If you’re not already on a bid to use more natural and organic beauty products, then chances are you have at least been made a lot more aware of them recently. Over the last few years there has been a huge welcoming surge in interest and demand for truly organic products.


Who are the Soil Association?

The Soil Association is the UK’s leading membership charity that is dedicated to campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food farming and land use. The Soil Association is also the UK’s lead certification body of food, farming, beauty and textiles. As a not for profit company, the Soil Association are constantly ploughing any financial returns back into the charity and its wider work in a bid to constantly increase awareness of organic and bring about real change.


What’s all that got to do with beauty?

The beauty industry is often unfairly regarded as superficial but, as a market that busies itself with boosting people’s self-esteem, as well as catering to our most basic and sophisticated personal care needs, it’s really anything but. It’s not just a case of vanity and, beyond wanting to look good, the beauty industry is also responsible for helping us feel it.

We rely on the beauty industry for the daily act of cleansing, for nourishing dry skin, to help improve circulation, protect us from the sun and shield us from free radicals. Which is to say nothing of the millions of us who spend a small fortune (the current value of the UK health and beauty sector is a staggering £54.2m), on trying to prevent and minimise lines and wrinkles, lift sagging skin, conceal shadows, boost bottoms, perk breasts and tackle cellulite.

Earlier this summer, we were shocked to learn that, unlike food, there are currently no legal standards for what constitutes ‘organic beauty’. In fact, a brand can legally label their products ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ if it contains as little as just 1% natural or organic ingredients. A worrying figure when you consider that our skin is our body’s largest organ and much of what we put on it is likely to be absorbed into our bloodstream.

In conjunction with this year’s Organic Beauty Week, (19-25 September 2016), the Soil Association has launched Look for the Logo, a campaign which encourages everyone to look for a certification symbol when shopping organic and natural beauty.


In 2002 the Soil Association launched their own health and beauty standards, designed to address the absence of legislation and formal controls in the production of organic health and beauty products. Over the last few years, as demand for organic beauty has grown, the Soil Association have teamed up with four other European partners to develop a new Cosmetic Organic Standard, known as COSMOS, to harmonise organic beauty standards internationally.

Organic and natural certification is the only way consumers can be sure of the quality and integrity of the growing number of organic and natural beauty products available in shops and online so you needn’t just take a brands word for it anymore. Instead, always look for the Soil Association logo and remember – what you put on your body is as important as what goes in it!


So want to know exactly what’s in your beauty products? Look for the Logo…


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