YOU Beauty Box: October’s Changing Seasons Edit review


This month our beauty mavens reveal their top picks from October’s stunning YOU Beauty Box selection…


YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Mandara Spa Shea & Coconut Hand Butter 

Summer has officially left us and we all know that the cold weather is no friend to dry skin, so it’s time to dig out the hand cream. This Mandara Spa Shea and Coconut hand butter is the perfect handbag essential for those windy autumn days. With shea and coconut as its main ingredients, this hand cream is not only deeply moisturising, but also very long lasting and smells amazing. Brogan Wright

YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Sheet Mask

If your skin is feeling a little dehydrated, the Hydraluron Sheet Mask is the perfect treatment. The mask releases hyaluronic acid to ‘hydrate your skin from beneath the surface for 24 hours of long lasting moisture retention’. When I took the mask off, my skin was glowing, my pores appeared smaller and my skin felt incredibly smooth. I don’t usually see instant results from face masks but this one truly worked wonders. Brogan Wright


YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel

I love this brand, everything about it makes me feel relaxed and refreshed, from its premium packaging to the colourful assortment of natural Essential Oils that they expertly blend into their products. This body gel does exactly what it says on the packet ‘revive’. Grapefruit is packed full of Vitamin A & C, when massaged in it helps to leave your skin looking healthy and hydrated, whilst rosemary and juniper even-out skin tone and aid in maintaining healthy micro-circulation. Give it a few tries and you will start to see it work its magic. Simply massage it deep into your skin each day focusing on certain areas of concern, for me – my thighs! Charlotte Ashton


YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Olverum Bath Oil

From the Latin oleum verum (meaning ‘true oil’), this brand is packed with rich history. Who doesn’t like soaking up the incredible smells and luxurious aromatic blends of essential oils whilst taking a stress-free bath?! Olverum Bath Oil blends essential oils that help to relax tension in both the mind and body. I’m always running from A to B, early starts, long days, so the chance to have a bath and pop in half a cap of this cult Bath Oil product is such a treat and really does the job to help unwind. Fortunately, the oil also absorbs into your skin so fear not, no greasy residue left in the bath. Charlotte Ashton

YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Oway Colour Protective Hair Bath Shampoo

This colour protection hair bath for coloured and highlighted hair is the perfect pick me up for the in-between season… it deeply cleanses, prolonging colour shine and protects from sun, water and pollution. I can put my hand up to all three of those harmful elements! It smells amazing and I would recommend drawing a bath with this month’s Olverum bath oil, putting this hair mask on and giving yourself half an hour of complete pamper time. Juliana Klutz

YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Face lifting Soft Cream

Based out of a vineyard in Bordeaux, Caudalie’s products are power products that don’t weigh your skin down. In typical French fashion this product aims to smooth instantly for a more youthful experience and I am impressed.  I’ve used it just in the evenings for a week now and have noticed that I appear more “pert” even the next morning. I chose this from the shortlist because of its generous size – it gives you the chance to really put it to the test and reap the benefits! Juliana Klutz


Dentyl Active Mouthwash

This is a freebie for the Gold members only and because I’m borderline addicted to YBB and every single box we sell, I obviously qualify. This mouthwash gives you a really refreshing blast that leaves the mouth feeling clean and healthy. I love that you can really see Dentyl working and, because I have a serious coffee habit, I love that it made my breath feel a lot fresher for longer too. Holly Wadsworth-Hill


YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Montagne Jeunesse Soften Glove Masques & Soften Sock Masques

This month my mum-friends and I had a cheeky spa weekend – one of those rare stolen weekends that every mother feels mildly guilty about but instantly realises how much she needs it the moment she gets in the car! Which meant I had the perfect setting and excuse to test a lot of this month’s shortlist – not to mention some very willing helpers. These fantastic masques from Montagne Jeunesse were so luxurious that I can honestly say they belong in a spa. Not only did they provide instant relief to dry skin the moment we put them on, but the end results were fantastic. My hands were left silky smooth whilst my friend said her feet ‘felt everything’ after just one use of the socks! Why pay for an expensive spa treatment when you have these at your disposal? They literally did the same thing. And the best thing about them is that every member will get one of these (chosen at random) free in their October box. Holly Wadsworth-Hill

YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Foreo Day Cleanser

This brand has tapped into something absolutely genius here – cleansers that have been specifically designed to target the skin’s real needs at different times of the day. Their Day and Night products mean that skin can be cleansed and nourished appropriately and in harmony with your skin’s natural pattern. After trialling the Day Cleanser for 2 weeks (you will receive a full size 100ml product if you select this from the shortlist), I have to say I am so impressed with the difference it has made to my skin that I have placed an order for the Foreo Night Cleanser. Dru Ryder


YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Masque Bar Green Tea Sheet Mask

Another spa-worthy treatment that you can now do in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price. This green tea based peel-off mask is what you need to deep cleanse, detoxify and purify the skin by drawing out dirt and excess oils that leave skin congested and dull. I left this on for 25 minutes and then carefully peeled it off in a downward direction, before rinsing my face thoroughly with warm water followed by a splash of ice cold water to finish. My skin looked and felt the cleanest it has ever beenHolly Wadsworth-Hill

YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

Fruu Lip Balms

Is anyone happy with the air conditioning in their office? I don’t know what it is about ours but we just can’t strike the balance to keep everyone happy and my skin suffers for it, especially at this time of year. The Fruu Lip Balms have been shortlisted at just the right time for them to have a big impact and, as well as smelling gorgeous, they instantly hydrated my lips and prevented them from cracking. My lips just feel smoother and healthier. Dru Ryder


YOU Beauty Box: The Changing Seasons Edit for October

ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum

This is a seriously premium and higher price-point skincare product, designed to lift and firm. I rarely use such expensive skincare products myself but I am always intrigued as to whether they really do make enough of a difference to justify the price. My verdict? I need to spend more on skincare. This truly luxurious serum (you can tell the difference in the texture alone) left my skin visibly transformed after one use. Gradually my complexion has appeared smoother, more awake and glowing. It’s packed with so many fantastic ingredients and such an advanced formulation that I will be buying a full size version just so I can see what it’s going to do for me next! Holly Wadsworth-Hill