YOU Beauty Box: The Natural and Organic review


To help you choose your ideal beauty products from April’s YOU Beauty Box, our beauty mavens reveal their top picks and why…

 YOU Beauty Box: The Natural and Organic Edit

Dr. Organic Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Eye Serum

I covet many a Dr Organic product and will always be first in line to try them – the Snail Gel works a treat at smoothing out my neck and décolletage, while their coconut oil Moisture Melt is my spring-time go-to for moisturising my scaly post-winter legs. As for this organic Hemp Oil Intensive Eye Serum – it’s just another reason to love the brand! After just three weeks of use, the skin around my eyes already looks more rested and less puffy and I have never felt instant moisture, from an eye cream, quite like it. Holly Wadsworth – Hill

YOU Beauty Box: The Natural and Organic Edit

The Organic Pharmacy Marigold & Comfrey Hand Cream

Plenty of people forget that moisturising your hands and feet is just as important as the rest of your body, especially as your hands endure a variety of harsh conditions on a daily basis. I personally have very sensitive hands and hate the cold, so what’s the cure? I moisturise my hands regularly and wear gloves when I’m outside in the winter weather. This delicious smelling hand cream from The Organic Pharmacy is light in consistency yet feels rich and nourishing on the hands. The Shea Butter and Aloe might be partly responsible for that, but Marigold and Comfrey are also healing herbs which makes this lovely cream an ideal everyday cream that your hands will thank you for. Charlotte Ashton

YOU Beauty Box: The Natural and Organic Edit

Kneipp Herbal Bath Sweet Dreams

If you’re a fan of filling the bath to take away the stresses of modern life then put Kneipp’s Herbal Bath Sweet Dreams in your YBB box this month! The essential oils with hop extract encourages relaxation which in turn is so perfect for an evening ritual – just add candles and a glass of wine (or tea)! Juliana Kluts

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INIKA Organic Eyeliner in Black Caviar

INIKA is a ‘Truth Beauty Brand’ meaning that the products are guaranteed to be safe, ethical, cruelty free and environmentally conscious – the epitome of an organic and natural brand. As for the eyeliner, the texture is soft, smooth and creamy meaning that it glides on around the eye effortlessly. I like to create a slightly smudged, smoky eye effect, good for a night time look and really easy to achieve. The black caviar shade leaves a rich, dark colour without fading too much. This is just one of eight shades in the collection, which also work wonders on the most sensitive of skin. Charlotte Ashton

YOU Beauty Box: The Natural and Organic Edit

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

We had a Limited Edition Box from Balance Me back a wee while ago and I became a huge fan of the brand as a result! Natural products all created here in the United Kingdom and I could not wait to try this month’s Radiance Face Mask. I found it the perfect boost to brighten my tired winter skin by gently polishing my skin with walnut shells. Smells divine too which makes the mask ritual all the more idyllic.  Juliana Kluts

YOU Beauty Box: The Natural and Organic Edit

Sönd Hydrating Face Spray

One of my biggest (and some would say irrational) fears about getting older, is developing a crepe chest. I fear it more than all the eye wrinkles and laughter lines in the world. I had never heard of Sond before this month but they have quickly become my new favourite beauty discovery. Providing instant and long-lasting hydration, this lightweight but hard working spray soothes and refreshes skin. Containing silica, it boosts collagen production and water retention, while acting as an anti-inflammatory for irritated or sensitive skin. Quick to apply, it’s a simple, everyday essential for healthier (crepe-free) skin. Holly Wadsworth – Hill

YOU Beauty Box: The Natural and Organic Edit

AD skin synergy Organic Rose Geranium Nourishing Night Treatment Facial Oil

After using this product for a few days I could notice how much more my skin felt hydrated and fresh. I love the fact the product is not too greasy and smells beautiful. The product itself has won all kinds of awards so I was excited to see what the fuss was all about, and it did not disappoint. I would definitely recommend this for older skin too. Dru Ryder

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Urban Veda Daily Purifying Facial Wash

My oily t-zone is the blight of my beauty-life, and has been since I was about 12 years old. Unfortunately for him, my teenage son has also inherited it. Urban Veda are one of my favourite natural brands because they actively protect skin against environmental stresses, by using nature’s most powerful ingredients. This face wash made an instant and noticeable difference to my skin – and my son’s! We were both equally impressed with how deeply it cleaned, how it minimised the appearance of pores and how refreshed we felt afterwards – naturally he didn’t use quite so many words but he definitely mumbled something about being less shiny! Holly Wadsworth – Hill

YOU Beauty Box: The Natural and Organic Edit

HASK Keratin Protein Deep Conditioner

If I over-style my hair, I know about it. This super thirst-quenching hair mask worked wonders on my long hair and very quickly turned it around. Containing hydrolyzed keratin, a highly refined protein, structurally identical to naturally occurring keratin found in hair, together with coconut oil, sesame seed oil, shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil, I am pleased to say my hair now looks glossier and frizz-free. I am so impressed that this is a free treat this month too – you will really see and feel a difference with just one use. Sarah Hamilton

HASK Argan Oil

I am a great believer in investing in a good conditioner and using a hair mask once a week, especially as someone who regularly dyes their hair. The product was thick and really nourished my hair leaving it feeling silky smooth. I found the protein deep conditioner particularly good for my hair but the Argan Oil one definitely stood out in comparison to the whole host of other Argan oil conditioners and hair masks on the market. Dru Ryder

YOU Beauty Box: The Natural and Organic Edit

Neom Organics London Daily Energy Boosting Burst Capsule & Daily De-stress Burst Capsule

Essential oils and aromatherapy really fascinate me and I love a moment of calm as much as the next person, so these little capsules from Neom Organics had me intrigued. First things first, Neom Organics are a luxury health and wellbeing brand, dedicated to helping women in particular, manage their stress levels and maintain balance and control. The moment you twist open these handy capsules, the perfect amount of Neom’s one hundred per cent natural Real Luxury / Burst of Energy will be released in the palm of your hand. Take time to massage into hands and enjoy the fragrance – a great way to hit the pause and reset button on life. Sarah Hamilton

We hope you enjoy your April YOU Beauty Box as much as we enjoyed selecting it. Click here to choose your products.


Compiled by Charlotte Ashton, Sarah Hamilton, Dru Ryder, Holly Wadsworth-Hill and Juliana Kluts.