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YOU Beauty Box – March’s Reviews

What she said…


Team YOU Beauty Box review the Best of British March shortlist:





Natural World Chia Seed Hair Oil



An even more lightweight silky smooth alternative to the other hair (serums?) on the market. The best thing about this hair oil is that it never even feels like it’s there! I just feel the results and like my hair is being protected when I blow-dry and straighten daily. Tessa Bali



LOLA Makeup by Perse Lip Gloss 005



A sweet and non-sticky lip-gloss that leaves a subtle colour and makes my lips moisturised and feeling fuller, protected from the cold and looking smooth and glossy. Tessa Bali






I’d always thought that those ‘collagen’ shots were a bit of a fad, probably because I’d never stuck to the full course! When I was told skinade were in the March shortlist I was determined to try and test a full 30-day course and it was worth it. Every morning I drank a skinade sachet in half a cup of water, it pretty much tastes like orange squash so it’s very refreshing and no hassle to add into your routine. skinade acts as a powerful collagen course (30, 60 or 90 days) to rebuild your skin’s surface from the inside and preserve a youthful appearance. After finishing my 30-day course, my skin was noticeably healthier and very soft! Cassie Hallala






I love vitamin-enriched serums and was desperate to try the Vit C-30™ Ultra Brightening Serum. Use right after your morning cleanse, when your skin needs a revamp or you’re missing your glow. It’s super high in vitamin C (30% of it to be precise) so when you apply it, you actually get a tingle feeling on your face. I’ve been using this one for about two months and my skin is far more radiant and my complexion much clearer – I love it. Just make sure you put on a little SPF after you apply it, as vitamin C makes your skin far more sun sensitive. Cassie Hallala






Katherine Daniels Essential Micellar Face & Eye Make-Up Remover



There’s nothing worse than taking your make-up off and feeling like you’re doing damage to your skin in the process – dragging, drying, generally aggravating – it’s very counter-productive! I found this make-up remover really effective without any of those harsh side-effects (it’s even gentle on the eyes). Micellar removers in general seem to really work for me but this one is exceptional. Brogan Wright



Miller Harris Rose Silence Eau de Parfum



This is by far the most divine fragrance I’ve got my hands on in a long time. I absolutely love it. As we all know, fragrances are not for everyone, they are a personal choice. I’d never really heard of Miller Harris before but I’m now completely obsessed! Think Parisian elegance meets London style. The rose, fresh and luminous scent combined with a delicate fruity resonance of mandarin and blackcurrant is gorgeous. This has secured its spot as my fragrance of 2017! Charlotte Ashton



Awake Organics Aura Clean Deodorant


I chose to review this product this month because I was unfamiliar with the brand and I’m increasingly drawn to organic and natural beauty alternatives. This deodorant feels very different in the beginning and is certainly unlike anything I have used in the past but I think that’s basically the point! It lets skin breathe, whilst keeping you dry and comfortable. It’s a great everyday deodorant and it’s good to know it has been responsibly sourced, won’t damage the environment and is packed with natural ingredients. It has also led me to explore more from this brand. Brogan Wright



MONU SKIN Advanced Anti-Ageing Lip & Eye Active Lift and MONU SKIN Line Smoothing Eye Cool Gel



These are two separate products on the shortlist but I chose to try them both in harmony this month for maximum results (my undereye circles were suggesting I seriously needed to!). I started by using the cooling eye gel every morning as it really perked me up and that’s when I needed it the most. The best thing about this product is that it’s super soothing and seemed to relax the skin around my eyes almost instantly – it also sinks in quickly so you’re not left waiting for ages before you can apply make-up. Secondly, I applied the Lip & Eye Active Lift every night to both areas – just squeeze it onto your finger first. This also applies easily and glides onto the skin. It’s hard to gauge the long-term effectiveness from a fortnight’s trial but I will say that I will be using it again as my skin already feels firmer and my fine lines are less obvious – especially around my eyes. Holly Wadsworth-Hill



The White Company Seychelles Bergamot, Amber & Vanilla Hand & Nail Cream



I love everything about this brand and I made a dash for it the second I saw it. This hand cream is ideal if you want a solid all-rounder that leaves skin feeling immediately softer and delicately (but beautifully) fragranced. Kate Croft



Bagsy Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick 03 Ready to Wear



I can’t imagine that there’s anyone who would not suit this colour, it’s really wearable and flattering. It’s also very easy to apply as it’s in a chunky pencil form so it glides on nicely and gives you more controlled application. I wasn’t expecting how well it moisturised either because the colour is so rich that I didn’t think it would nourish so much as well – a pleasant surprise and great new brand discovery too! On which note, you get a 30% OFF discount code as a free treat in every March box – something that I intend to take full advantage of. Kate Croft




Maddi Alexander Serene Body Wash



Maddi Alexander specialise in creating luxury home and beauty products, from high quality and ethically sourced ingredients. The brand has also made it their mission to enhance a user’s mood along the way – I love the idea of turning my morning shower into something more akin to a spa experience so this one begged to be sampled. This body wash is a real treat to use and yes, it smells amazing. I found that it left my skin feeling properly cleansed and left behind a gorgeous veil of fragrance long after rinsing. Dru Ryder



LOLA Makeup by Perse Nail Polish 013 Stone Blue



This might not be a shade for all, but for now, I’m really into my stone-like shades, greys, blues and the likes. What better than a Stone Blue shade from LOLA Makeup by Perse? It leaves a lovely rich colour as well as a high gloss finish. Better still, it has very strong resistant wear and a short drying time. The other thing that I like about this little pot of blue is that the product contains UV filters to prevent discolouration – something I didn’t realise the sun did to nails until now! Charlotte Ashton



Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner 



Apparently this is one of Alexa Chung’s favourite pieces of make-up and, given I covet anyone who can create the perfect eye, that is very impressive indeed. Some eye liners are really hit or miss but this one has not let me down yet and I have been an avid user for about 6 months now. It goes on nicely (it doesn’t drag your eyelid or irritate it at all), gives great shape and accurate application, then stays put for hours without crumbling away. Dru Ryder



Button & Wilde Wild Citrus Rose Body Lotion



If you didn’t know the brand Button & Wilde prior to this shortlist (like yours truly!), then this will be a welcome addition to your beauty cabinet. This is a lovely and light body lotion that is blended with grape seed oil and shea which means it’s very moisturising and hydrating on the skin. The Wild Citrus Rose scent is light and fresh, not overpowering which I think is so important in a fragranced body lotion. The packaging is so cute too! Charlotte Ashton