YOU Beauty Box: Why everyone’s talking about Benefit’s Gimme Brow


When we heard that Benefit’s award-winning Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel had been dubbed the LBD of the brow wardrobe, we were obviously all ears (and eyes)…

Big eyebrows remain one of the most surprising beauty trends of the last few years and, with runway brows getting more natural looking with every show, it looks like this trend is going nowhere fast.


Of course, when we say ‘natural’, we use that term in the loosest sense. Whilst there’s undoubtedly a lot less plucking required these days and yes, we look aghast at old photos of our frighteningly over-plucked former selves, these are far from ‘I just woke up like this brows’.


The perfect face-framing brow is very individual in style and thickness but bigger is definitely better, which is why finding the perfect shade and product is such a tricky business.


Benefit Gimme Brow works by gently grabbing hold of your natural skin and hair and adhering its tiny microfibre gel solution. The resulting look is that of a natural-looking fullness and definition that, to the untrained eye, will pass as naturally gorgeous – which isn’t entirely untrue.

After all, this is one essential piece of make-up kit that really enhances your natural beauty, as opposed to masking it.


The custom, tiny tapered brush blends easily, whilst the precision tip shapes hairs into place; brows are volumized, tamed and tinted in keeping with your natural skin tone. Plus, the Benefit Gimme Brow solution is water-resistant and long-wearing, so your eyebrows aren’t going to disappear half way through the day – or in the rain, for that matter.


If you have platinum or light blonde hair, you’ll want to use shade 1 Light, those with golden blonde and medium brown hair colours will want 3 Medium, whilst anyone with dark brown to black hair, will need 5 Deep.


Want to give it a try? Look no further than September’s YOU Beauty Box shortlist. All members can select Benefit Gimme Brow as one of their monthly picks but, if these are all sold out or you’re not a YBB member, you’ll be able to bag yourself this Benefit beauty at and all the usual Benefit retailers.