This £2 make-up sponge has an incredible 8,000 reviews

When it comes to foundation application, we all have our preferences. Many of us tend to use our fingers, which helps to warm up the product, while others stick to buffing or stippling brushes for speed and ease. The other option is a make-up sponge, which is undeniably the best option for a flawless, smooth finish.

If you’re a fan of make-up sponges, chances are you’re familiar with the beloved original Beautyblender, which is an excellent choice. However, forking out nearly £20 for a single sponge can seem excessive, and in times where you fancy saving a few pennies, there are indeed some other great options.

One such option is the Beakey Makeup Sponge, which comes in at a mere £10.99 for a pack of five (working out at around £2 per pop), making it one of the most affordable on the market right now.

The sponge is made from a non-allergenic material, and also doesn’t contain latex, meaning it is a great option for those with sensitivity. It is also made from a material that apparently doesn’t absorb too much of your product, meaning you don’t lose half of your pricey foundation before it’s even reached your face.

You can use the sponges both dry and wet, and if we were you, we’d stick to cold water when using them wet. Rihanna’s makeup artist Hector Espinal, who is also a big part of her brand Fenty Beauty, advised at a recent beauty event that using cold water keeps the pores tight, and therefore leads to smoother foundation application.

BEAKEY 5 Pcs Make-Up Sponge Set, £10.99, Amazon

The Beakey tool has amassed an impressive 8000 reviews on sites such as Amazon, where users have been praising the sponges’ texture and price most notably.

‘Did NOT expect them to be this soft,’ wrote one user. ‘Better than the beauty blender in my opinion! Amazing value for money considering it’s under £10 for 5 sponges, yet they are the softest sponges I’ve ever used!!’

You can pick up a pack of five for £10.99 on Amazon now.