BBQ cleaning hacks you’ve never thought of, from ketchup to beer

Not much can beat a BBQ in summer and it’s never too early to have your first one of the year, especially now the clocks have changed and the lighter evenings are here.

But whether you’re entertaining friends and family at the weekend or just treating yourself to an al fresco Friday night dinner, once the fun is over there’s one chore we all avoid, and that’s cleaning the barbecue. It’s a messy, tiresome and time-consuming job, but it needs to be done.

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However, as Google searches for ‘how to clean a BBQ’ have risen by 80 per cent in the last week alone, it seems not many of us know how to actually get an outdoor grill sparkling clean.

Sure, you could invest in a whole cupboard’s worth of expensive scrubbers and cleaning solutions, but the team at Home Essentials have found five DIY BBQ cleaning hacks that will have it sparkling clean and ready for the next round of hot dogs in no time.

BBQ cleaning hacks


Once the barbecue has cooled slightly, spritz water on a sheet of newspaper and lay it on top of the grill. Leave the lid down for about half an hour – the residual heat and damp newspaper sheet will create a steamy environment inside which will loosen caked-on grease and grime, making it much easier to remove.


It sounds strange, but stay with us. While the grill is still hot, stab a fork (one with an extra long handle is best) into half an onion and rub it over the hot grill. The water in the onion steams away any stuck-on food, plus the natural antibacterial properties of the onion will remove impurities.

bbq cleaning hack with onion
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For tough stains and dirt that won’t budge, try soaking your grill and utensils in a bowl of boiling water and coffee grains – the acid in the coffee will help to loosen up any stuck-on bits.


If you’re having a BBQ, it’s more than likely you’ll have some ketchup to hand. A top choice of sauce for hot dogs and burgers, ketchup is also great at eliminating rust on a barbecue, which can happen if left outside exposed to the elements. Simply apply a small amount of ketchup to any areas of rust, leave on for a few minutes then wipe away.

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If you come across any half-drunk bottles of beer at the end of a barbecue, don’t pour them down the sink. Instead, splash the liquid over the warm grill and scrub with a bristle brush or newspaper. No washing up liquid required.