This is how you can stay at a £200-a-night B&B for free

If you’re planning a last minute pre-Christmas winter getaway next month, then this latest news could be about to save you a lot of money.

Over 600 bed & breakfasts in 64 countries have signed up to a scheme that allows holidaymakers to have a free stay. And yes, by free we mean not a single penny needed for accomodation. Sounds too good to be true – but it isn’t.

Barter Week
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Barter Week, a new platform set up by Italian hotel site Bed and Breakfast, launches next month running from 18th to 24th November. During this period, travellers can stay in some of the world’s most beautiful B&Bs for free – all you have to do is negotiate a deal of ‘swap’, offering either a service or a gift from home in exchange for your stay.

The idea behind the scheme is based on Italy’s successful ‘Settimana del Baratto’ initiative, where small hotel owners offer up free rooms in exchange for manual, teaching or creative tasks from guests.

Last year, Barter Week took this to a global scale by creating a dedicated website for hosts and holidaymakers from around the world to negotiate, and for 2019 it’s back with even more desirable properties set to take part.

Barter Week
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‘After selecting the B&B that catches your eye, if you can satisfy the needs advertised, contact them via the appropriate form, start the negotiation and when you have come to an agreement, start packing,’ the Barter Week organisers explain.

‘If the facility has no wish list, the traveller is free to offer their own swap, anything from tango lessons to a vintage comic. Just use your imagination, flexibility, and above all, be ready to share.’

So, what are you waiting for? Let the haggling commence!

You can browse B&B properties and arrange your bartered booking now at