Banana peels could be the key to breathing life back into dying houseplants

Recent interiors trends have meant we’ve all gone potty for pot plants – indoor ones, specifically. But for the less green fingered among us (so most of us), keeping them alive is a whole other story, often leaving us grieving for our leafy friends as they turn into a crispy, shrivelled brown versions of their former selves.

pot plant
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We can water them as much as we like, but sometimes its not just H2O that they need, but nutrients, too. If you’ve got a green friend on the wilt, Australian blogger Kate Freebairn (also known as The Pantry Mama) might just have the answer you’ve been looking for  – and you probably already have it ready to hand.

In a recent Facebook post, she divulged her tip for keeping her plants healthy and in tip top shape: ‘Hands up if you love indoor plants? Here’s an easy way to give them a boost! Pop a banana skin in a jar of water. Leave for 24 hours and then feed water to your plants (skin can go in the compost). My plants are so lush & green’.

Who knew bananas had more uses to them than just being a delicious snack and source of energy? Apparently, thanks to the high potassium and calcium content in bananas, watering your plants with banana skin-infused water can help to strengthen your plants and make them more pest-resistant at the same time as hydrating them.

watering plants
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In a comment on the post, Kate went on to explain how great a hack it is for getting the most out of your food waste: ‘I have over 50 plants so I just make a batch every time someone eats a banana and then pop the water into whichever plant needs a drink.’

Considering we don’t do anything more than toss our banana skins into the the composting bin anyway, this is a completely free way to revive our wilting plants and give them a new lease of life.