People think Balenciaga’s £925 tote looks like a Tesco carrier bag

They say the best art imitates life, and that certainly seems to be the ethos behind Balenciaga’s newest shopper – costing £925 – which many people have suggested is reminiscent of an old-school Tesco carrier bag.


With its blue stripes and red logo, right where the old Tesco logo used to be, the white carrier bag really does take us down memory lane, despite costing almost £1000.


While you can still find a carrier bag in Tesco for 20p, now made from recycled plastic waste, the supermarket has more moved towards the sustainable ‘bag for life’ initiative, so the vintage look that Balenciaga provides is definitely a throwback.

If you’re a fan of the playful retro look, you may find Balenciaga’s newest bag made for you.


Leather tote bag, £925, Balenciaga at

This latest addition to their spring 2022 collection is made using calfskin and a snap closure, featuring an inner zip pocket – so it’s definitely more sturdy than the humble carrier bag. It is described by the brand as a ‘modern interpretation’ of the ‘archetypal bag’.

This isn’t the first time that the luxury house has seemingly been inspired by an everyday shopping bag. In 2017, they created a bag which looked very similar to the iconic blue Ikea Bag – with a similar discrepancy in price, as the Ikea bags are sold for under a pound whilst that Balenciaga bag was sold for £1,365.


Ikea noticed the similarity and took a light-hearted, fun approach – releasing an advert to help customers identify to the original Ikea Frakta bag.

‘If it rustles, it’s the real deal’ the ad cheekily comments, though devout followers of supermarket chic will know that the real way to spot the difference between these Balenciaga bag and their supermarket kin is the price tag.