Avon’s new line is designed specifically for women with menopausal skin 

There are certain times in our lives that switching up our skincare routines is essential. There are regular occurrences such as the changing seasons, where skin may require heavier or lighter formulas, and also bigger life milestones that require us to adapt. These can span from puberty to pregnancy, as well as of course the menopause. 

Going through the menopause can change our bodies in a number of ways, including how our skin behaves. Some women can experience issues such as skin itching, as well as the dreaded hot flushes and night sweats that make skin sweatier. It’s not exactly a walk in the park — and worrying about your skin is usually the last thing you want to be worrying about. 


The good news is that there are skincare products and ranges out there designed specifically for menopausal skin, the most recent of which comes from Avon. The Avon Adapt collection has been made with symptoms of the menopause in mind. Each product contains plant extracts of Tillicora, which helps to hydrate, firm and cool your complexion. 

Avon Adapt Icy Cooling Elixir Facial Mist, £6, Avon 

The line is curated but pretty comprehensive, complete with a serum, night cream, and what we believe is the biggest game changer: a facial mist for cooling and bringing down symptoms of a hot flush. 

Avon Adapt Hydra Rescue On The Go Facial Serum, £12, Avon 

Everything in the collection is super affordable, meaning it’s easy to give it all a go without much to lose. You can also opt for the ‘Full Works’ set, which includes all three of the products for a mere £20. 

Speaking about the range, Gina Ghura, Avon’s Head of Future Innovation, commented: “We’ve been researching hormones and menopause at Avon for nearly two decades to help alleviate some of the common symptoms experienced in perimenopause and menopause.”

Avon Adapt Dream Night Cream, £10, Avon 

“Our research has also demonstrated that, for many women, finding accessible and affordable products that support these specific skin needs is currently very challenging.”

Avon Adapt The Full Works, £20, Avon 

“We’re thrilled to be supporting all women through this transition with our new, innovative Adapt range.”

You can shop all products online now.