Etsy has seen a 70 per cent increase in demand for autumn wreaths – these are the best to buy now

Dried flowers are increasingly taking over from fresh flowers in popularity these days, and it’s easy to see why. They last much longer, are easily transportable and add a gorgeous rustic feel to any space. More specifically, dried flower wreaths have become the go-to style, with many of us opting for a wreath all year round, not just at Christmas! Etsy has seen a staggering 383 per cent year on year increase in searches for dried flower wreaths, and more specifically, shoppers have been looking for autumn wreaths (up 70 per cent in searches) ahead of the changing seasons. 

It’s easy to understand why these seasonal wreaths are so popular; not only can you hang them on your front door, they also look beautiful inside, especially in the living room by a big open fireplace. 

‘A way of continuing the love for dried flowers, this trend is not only long-lasting and beautiful but also a better choice for the environment, as the wreath can be used again each year,’ says Etsy, whose selection of autumn wreaths is once again wide-ranging this year. 

Naturally, these wreaths look glorious in Autumnal colours, particularly green hues, as well as burnt oranges and reds. However, no colour is off-limits when it comes to the trend, and if you fancy something a little brighter, you’ll find a vibrant wreath perfect for your taste. 

This is not the first year we’ve seen autumnal wreaths become popular; in 2020 for example, Instagram stars such as Mrs Hinch made their own, and the wintery designs were spotted all over the social media platform. 

Here are some of our favourite wreaths on Etsy right now, or if you’re feeling brave, you could always try and make your own using the tutorial above!

The best dried flower autumn wreaths:

Deep orange autumn wreath, £33, Etsy 


Felt Leaf Wreath, £30, Etsy


Autumn Wreath, £48, Etsy


Autumn Wreath, £50, Etsy


Farmhouse autumn pumpkin & orange wicker heart wreath, £40, Etsy