This is exactly when the August heatwave is predicted to arrive in the UK

If you’re feeling a little cheated by our British weather so far this summer or like you want your money back, you’re not alone. In a year where most of us have turned to UK-based staycations for our summer holiday due to the pandemic, the least we could have is a bit if sunshine to go with it. After all, when the sun shines, many parts of the UK could easily be mistaken for abroad (especially this Italian-inspired village in Wales).

Nevertheless, after a few months of heavy rain, flooding and lower than average temperatures, it appears our luck may be changing, with the Met Office predicting a heatwave this August – hoorah!

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When will the August UK heatwave arrive?

First predicted to arrive on UK shores from Wednesday 11 August, that prediction has since shifted and now Sunday 15 August has been pinpointed as the day hot weather will arrive here in the UK. That gives us just enough time to plan a last minute trip to the seaside and get our summer wardrobe in order (we suggest picking up a few pairs of bermuda shorts, summer 2021’s breakout trend that we can’t get enough of).

The impending August UK heatwave is all thanks to an ‘African plume’, which essentially refers to hot air travelling up north from Africa coupled with high pressure from the Azores. Whatever the reason, we’re so ready for a well-deserved spike in temperatures.

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The Met Office explained: ‘This will bring drier weather, with sunny spells for most through to mid-August and temperatures trending above average.

‘It will turn settled, though a few showers cannot be ruled out, especially in south eastern areas.’

It continued: ‘Whilst there are current signals of a drier and warmer than average period from the middle of August, occasional spells of more unsettled weather, primarily in the northwest, remains possible.’

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‘Above average temperatures continue to be indicated through the remainder of August, with possibly even very warm conditions at times in southern areas.’

We like the sound of that! So grab your sun hat, buy a fan before they all sell out… and then wait and see how long it takes us all to moan about how hot it is.