The ultimate island hideaway: A cool but comfy home in blissed-out Bali

With its concept stores and coffee shops, Canggu might just be the hippest place in Bali right now. But long before it became such a destination, its easygoing charms had enchanted Lena Catterick and Carlo Letica, who decided to make it home for themselves, daughter Yolanda (Yoli), five, and son Louie, three. 

yoli and otis
The lush garden was just ‘grass and a few plants’ when the couple bought the property. ‘We’ve since added a cabana at one end and a flower border at the other,’ says Lena. Image: Tommaso Riva

The couple are the brains behind ethical lifestyle company Yoli & Otis, which makes baby carriers and clothing using organic, plant-dyed fabrics and grew out of a quest to find a carrier for Yoli when she was a newborn.

yoli and otis
As relaxed as it gets: Lena and Carlo with their children Louie and Yolanda. Image: Tommaso Riva

Frustrated with what was on offer, they created their own, and the idea for the company – which takes its name from Yoli and her dog Otis – was born.

yoli and otis
‘The living room is where we relax together,’ says Lena. Straw hats decorate the walls, alongside Lena’s artworks. For a similar sofa, try the Hendrik at Visit for a handwoven rug. For similar baskets, go to Image: Tommaso Riva

Further inspiration was provided by a trip to India and the discovery of ancient, sustainable dyeing methods, which the couple adopted to make their products. ‘The earthy tones created by natural dyes have had a huge influence on our brand,’ says Lena. 

yoli and otis
Woven pieces such as the pendant light and dining chair offset the heavy wooden table and benches. For a similar rattan light, try Image: Tommaso Riva

And the company’s pared-back, natural aesthetic is reflected in the couple’s home – a four-bedroom modern colonial house. Everything, including the antique furniture and handmade accessories, has been sourced locally because, says Lena, ‘we wanted our home to feel authentic’.

yoli and otis
Yolanda and Louie play together in Yolanda’s bedroom. The draped mosquito nets give the room a fairytale feel. For a similar bed, try The floor cushions are from Yoli & Otis. Image: Tommaso Riva

White walls set off a minimal look that layers natural materials and rustic textures in an earthy, neutral palette; woven baskets, stone vases and printed textiles add detail. 

yoli and otis
Yolanda swings on a hanging chair on the covered terrace. ‘I love the bi-fold doors to the garden,’ says Lena. ‘They allow me to blend interiors with nature’. Image: Tommaso Riva

The effect is cool and contemporary but also, as Lena puts it, ‘comfortable and timeless. Less really is more for us.’ 

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Report by Sarah Tarka