ASOS are winning praise for showing their clothing on models of different sizes

As much as we love the fact we can scour entire stores from our sofas these days, it’s no secret that online shopping can be a minefield, especially when it comes to fit. Most of us end up ordering multiple sizes to cover our bases – which also means we have to spend a sizeable portion of our weekends waiting at the post office with our returns.

ASOS, however, may have just reduced our queueing time, as they’ve started rolling out an initiative that shows the same item of clothing on models of different shapes and sizes.

The development was quickly noted on Twitter, by a user who exclaimed: ‘omg i love @asos even more!!! finally showing the same item on girls with different body types.’

‘ASOS truly is the innovator for the online fashion game ????’, another agreed, followed by a third who added: ‘yes?? this makes buying things online so much easier!’

The brand then confirmed that they would be rolling out the image concept across their platform, leading to more applause from shoppers.

‘This is super helpful! Definitely have had to return stuff as I just didn’t realise it would look so different on somebody with my body shape! So pleased to see all beautiful shapes and sizes represented ?’ one poster wrote.

‘This helps massively, as I often wonder how clothes would look on me, when I’m clearly 5 sizes bigger than the model,’ said another. ‘Great move forward.’

Responding to one enquiry about petite sizes, ASOS explained a little more about the technology, tweeting: ‘We make as few adjustments to images as possible. Zeekit takes images of a range of models of all different sizes and digitally imposes products on them to display how the same product will look on a different body type.’

Whilst some followers are still keen to see more diversity in the sizing range shown, the new snaps are said by many to be a step towards a more inclusive representation of women’s bodies.

And hey, if it cuts our time at the post office too? We’ll take that as a bonus…