ASOS is no longer selling silk, cashmere, mohair or feathers

In a move that stands firmly against animal cruelty, online shopping giant ASOS has announced that it has banned the sell of silk, cashmere, mohair and feathers on its website.

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The decision, which was reached with intentions of putting animal welfare first, was announced by ASOS on 19 June and will be put into effect from January 2019. From then on, no clothes or accessories made from the aforementioned materials will be sold its platform. As well as being celebrated by many of its customers, the move has been praised by animal welfare organisation, Peta.

‘Peta applauds ASOS for leading the charge for compassion in fashion,’ said Peta’s director of corporate projects, Yvonne Taylor. ‘In response to Peta’s campaigns, consumers are changing the face of the industry by demanding that designers and retailers ditch animal-derived materials in favour of cruelty-free alternatives that look great without causing suffering.’

ASOS isn’t the first global retailer to support the ‘compassion in fashion’ movement. High street brands such as Zara, Topshop, Marks & Spencer and H&M all previously announced that they will stop selling mohair – a material produced from the hair of Angora goats – following footage released by Peta exposing violent mistreatment of the goats at farms in South Africa. At the time, a spokesperson for H&M said that it was ‘challenging to control. Therefore we have decided to ban mohair fibre from our assortment by 2020 at the latest.’

However, ASOS has taken a step further by not only banning mohair but cashmere, silk and feathers too. The rule will apply to all 850 labels including vintage sellers and ASOS own brand items sold on the site.

We wonder who will follow in their footsteps next…