ASOS just launched its own online charity shop section

If you love a charity shop haul as much as we do, then we’ve got some excellent news for you. Online retail giant ASOS has just launched its own charity shop section and life just got a whole lot better.

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Gone are the days of burying yourself between racks and racks of second-hand clothes to find the perfect vintage piece. Thanks to ASOS, you can now skip the hard labour and order your favourite old-school items and throwback designer goods from the comfort of your own home, like you do the rest of your wardrobe.

The popular e-retailer has teamed up with Oxfam, Barnardo’s and TRAID to launch three charity shop boutiques under ASOS Marketplace, on its official website. The new offerings will join the rest of the independent brands sold under the in-demand category.

Announcing the news on the ASOS Instagram page, the company wrote: ‘You did a spring clear out and donated a few bags of clothes to charity. Specialist teams rifled through them, and thousands of others, to select the highest quality one-offs. They were cleaned, re-conditioned, photographed and then uploaded on to site for other people to find and treasure all over again! Support @oxfamfestshop, @traid and @barnardosretail whilst stocking up your wardrobe with vintage gems. It’s a win-win.’

A win, win situation indeed. What could possibly be better than bagging yourself a one-off vintage gem all while giving back to charity?

Each of three charity boutiques will focus on selling specific things to make it easier for customers to shop their taste. For example, the Oxfam Festival Shop stocks vintage T-shirts, colourful crochets and vibrant jackets, TRAID is your go-to for vintage dresses, shoes and accessories, while Barnardo’s  is a chic biker girl’s dream, selling stylish leather jackets and denim shirts.

Most significantly, all proceeds will go directly to the patterned charities. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping…

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