This 90p Asda product has been hailed as a saviour for summer chafing

The summer season is beloved for a number of reasons. From picnics outside to drinking Pimm’s and Aperol spritzes in the sunshine, it’s usually a period of joy in the UK. But summer does not come without problems and challenges, and for many, the dreaded chafing situation sits right at the top of the list.

We’ve all been there; you’re out in the sunshine, feeling happy and content, but a little sweaty, and you’re experiencing some seriously unwanted friction.

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Luckily, Asda shoppers have found the answer, and it’s one that costs less than a pound.

In the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group, which has more than 1 million members, one user wrote: ‘Put this on in a morning and put your bra on as normal and no more boob sweat! Lightly fragranced and feels like moisturiser, highly recommend.’ And the comment section was quickly filled with messages from others saying they’d also found it to be an ‘amazing’ hot weather find.

A previous viral Facebook post from mum Paula Deegan reinforces the endorsement – she wrote: ‘To all my big busted ladies, or those with thick thighs/some chub… this is a godsend. I’ve been using it under my boobs & thighs and it has really stopped the sweating & chaffing in this hot weather!’