Asda’s Christmas food for 2020 includes an entire pigs in blankets range

Since the government’s announcement of what the socialising restrictions will be over Christmas, we’re now a bit clearer on what our Christmas Days are going to look like – which in turn means we can finally start planning what (and how much) food we’ll be cooking and eating on the big day.

Whether you go for the traditional turkey, or use this non-conventional Christmas to try a different centrepiece, the supermarkets are more than prepared for Christmas dinners of all shapes and sizes. Asda is no different, so we’ve rounded up the stars of the show from the supermarket’s festive line-up of food.

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There are plenty of traditional and alternative meaty and plant-based centrepieces on offer, as well as the most exciting news, which is an entire pigs in blankets range. Yep, it seems Asda has doubled down on what (in many people’s eyes) is the best part of a Christmas dinner, the humble pig in blanket. So make way for a fiery, spicy rendition, a sweet candied variety as well as a pig in blanket sausage roll (more details below…).

Asda Christmas food 2020



Extra Special Norfolk Bronze Turkey, £5.97/kg, Asda (available 19 December)

Succulent free-range, corn-fed turkey, for traditionalists, nothing beats this classic centrepiece of choice.

turkey parcel

Extra Special British Turkey Parcel with Truffle Flavoured Pork Stuffing, £23, Asda (available 19 December)

For a flavoursome feast, this turkey breast is wrapped in delicious maple-cured streaky bacon with a rich truffle flavoured pork stuffing centre. Finished with a sweet Bramley apple glaze and infused with truffle and a tricky of honey.

beef rib

Extra Special Bone-in Beef Rib with Wild Garlic Butter, £20/kg, Asda (available 19 December)

Aged for 21 days, the irresistibly tasty beef is topped with a rich wild garlic and herb butter and a spring of rosemary.

hog roast

Extra Special Hog Roast with Stuffing & Toffee Apple Sauce, £7/kg, Asda (available 19 December)

Juicy British pork packed with tasty sage and onion stuffing, finished with a crisp later of crackling and a sweet toffee apple sauce.


Extra Special Topside Seville Orange Gammon Joint, £15, Asda

This gammon joint has been paired with a Seville orange marmalade glaze and glacé orange slices for the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

easy carve turkey

Extra Special Easy Carve Turkey Centrepiece, £30, Asda (available 19 December)

Combining juicy turkey breast and deboned turkey thigh meat stuffed with a pork, Bramley apple and cranberry stuffing and wrapped in layers of maple-cured bacon, this preassembled, oven-ready centrepiece comes with its own gravy made from the cooking juices for a deep and delicious flavour.

turkey wellington

Extra Special Turkey Wellington, £15, Asda (available 19 December)

For a twist on the classic festive centrepiece, try the Turkey Wellington: succulent turkey breast and a pig in blanket topped with pork, sage and onion stuffing, all enclosed within a crisp puff pastry.

vegan turkey

Extra Special Vegan Turkey-Style Joint with Caramelised Onion Stuffing, £5, Asda (available 19 December)

Rounding off the Asda Christmas food 2020 centrepieces, this one is perfect for vegans and vegetarians – a meat-free, soya-based take on stuffed turkey packed with a caramelised onion and herb stuffing, sprinkled with cracked black pepper and topped with a bay leaf.

Sides and more

spicy pigs in blankets

Extra Special 6 Double Chilli pigs in blankets, £2.75, Asda (available 19 December)

For a spicy twist on the classic festive side dish, these will pack a punch. Made with prime cuts of British pork blended with Carolina Reaper hot chillies, the fiery sausages sit in a jalapeño boat wrapped in oak-smoked streaky bacon.

pigs in blankets sausage roll

Pig in Blanket Sausage Roll, £5, Asda (available 3 December)

Cooked and sold fresh in store, this giant sausage is wrapped in bacon before being cocooned in flaky pastry – at nine inches long, it’s a snack for the whole family.

candied pigs in blankets

Candied Pigs in Blankets, £2.25, Asda

Also in the Asda Christmas food 2020 range: if you love all things sweet and savoury (think bacon and maple syrup), you’ll love these. The mini bacon-wrapped-sausages come with a sachet of spiced sugar to sprinkle over before cooking – perfect for a Christmassy breakfast with pancakes and maple syrup.

vegan cocktail sausages

Extra Special Vegan Spiced Apple and Orange Cocktail Sausages, £2.75, Asda (available 19 December)

Vegan dinner guests will love these soya-based alternative cocktail sausages – the perfect plant-based addition to your buffet table.

Sweet stuff

brussel sprout cake

Bruce the Brussel Sprout Cake, £10, Asda

How can anyone resist that adorable face? Especially when inside is layers of moist chocolate sponge and delicious chocolate frosting.

almond speculaas cookies

Extra Special Almond Flavoured Filled Speculaas, £1.79, Asda

Keep in the cupboard for those unexpected ‘just dropping in’ guests over the festive period – spiced butter biscuit encased in a soft spiced pastry and filled with a smooth almond middle, topped with flaked almonds.

clementine fudge

Extra Special Handmade Spiced Clementine Fudge, £2, Asda

Hand-crafted and batch-made in a small factory in Harrogate, this fudge is injected with the flavours of citrus peel, cinnamon and ginger.

white chocolate marshmallows

Extra Special White Chocolate & Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows, £2, Asda

The ideal after-dinner sweet treat, these fluffy, mouth-watering marshmallows are smothered in Belgian white chocolate.