Asda’s Bruce the Brussel Sprout cake is back for Christmas 2021

We can all agree that 2021 has absolutely flown by, with autumn already knocking at our door after a short-lived summer season. In fact, before we know it, Christmas will be here in all its glory. And while you may feel a little miffed that the warm weather will be leaving us soon, one thing might just bring you some well-earned joy: the premise of Christmas food.

brussel sprouts
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From Pret’s Christmas sandwiches to Starbucks’ red cups, it really is the season of eating well — and that’s before we even get to the supermarket offerings. One item we can’t wait to see the return of is Asda’s brussel sprout cake — adorably named Bruce — who made our acquaintance last year in 2020. Luckily, he’s back this year looking cuter than ever — and he’s not alone.

bruce the Brussel Sprout cake

Bruce the Brussel Sprout Cake, £10, Asda

Bruce will be joined by his new bride Betty, who is just the prettiest brussel we’ve ever seen. Complete with red lipstick and a cute hairdo, she’s about to steal the show.

Unlike actual Brussel sprouts, both Bruce and Betty boast layers of moist chocolate cake coated in chocolate frosting, so even the biggest Brussel-haters out there will be more than happy to gobble these up. The dome-shaped offerings also feature green icing and are even complete with mini Santa hats for an extra hit of festive joy.

bruce the Brussel Sprout cake

However, it’s not just the two super cute dome cakes that will be hitting the shelves this year; Asda has ramped it up even further with more Bruce and Betty-inspired goodies. There are in fact an additional eight yummy goodies to snap up, which include a giant Bruce the Brussel Sprout sharing chocolate chip cookie, a Bruce Cupcake Kit for at-home baking, a Bruce ice cream in candy floss and raspberry flavour, the Free From chocolate truffle net and the Bruce the Brussel Sprout Mallow Lollies.

In short, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to brussel sprout goodies that actually taste good. Keep an eye out for the line, which will be back both in stores and online soon.